Cochise – DOUBLE IT UP Lyrics

DOUBLE IT UP Lyrics – Cochise

Seasoned second
Cochise hotter than the water, ain’t it?
Yeah, okay, yeah, okay
Yeah, okay, yeah, okay

Yeah, yeah, I had to put on the team (Team)
Baby, it’s not what it seems (Uh-huh)
All of my niggas, we fiends (Fiends), yeah, okay
Hop out the crib (The crib)
[?] cannon, is rips (It’s rips)
Bet that boy work at the Lids (Okay)
He stealin’ cap for the memes (Okay, okay)
Woo-woo, hop out the- (Woo)
Ice it, got- (Woo)
Shawty, she- (Woo)
Pull up and- (Woo)
Ball like the Heat
Shawty, she say I got perfect physique
I told my partner I’m buyin’ a Jeep
Spent ’bout a thousand on all of my feet
White on my body, I look like a sheep (Okay, okay)
Stackin’ it, uh, stackin’ it, uh
Rackin’ it, uh, packin’ it, uh
Baby, I’m stretchy like gummy
Baby, I’m makin’ this money
Oh, yeah, nose gettin’ runny
Oh, yeah, she call me honey
Hey, double it up (Okay), I told her, “Double it up” (Yeah)
She textin’ me, “Hey” (She textin’ me, “Hey”)
She wanna go date (She wanna go date)
Yeah, I’m out with the mates (I’m out with the mates)
Yeah, I’m servin’ the plates (I’m servin’ the plates)
She callin’ me bae (She callin’ me bae)
She sayin’ I’m great (She sayin’ I’m great)
I opened the gate (I opened the gate)
My t-shirt is Bape (My t-shirt is Bape)

Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah (Ha), ayy
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay (Ayy)
Okay, okay, okay, okay (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

I’m at the top, toppity top (Ha)
He talk a lot, lottily lot (Ha)
I’m gettin’ guap, guappity guap
You need to stop ‘fore you get rocked
Boy, you get popped (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’m gettin’ bread, yeah, a million (Yeah)
I’m eatin’ bread like Sicilian (Yeah)
That nigga just a civilian (Yeah)
She got a booty, Brazillian (Yeah)
I got the tongue like I’m zillion (Yeah)
He’s eating cheese, then he turn into me (Cheese)
Fell in the trap and that boy getting sticky
Ate up her soul, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout blickies (Yeah)
Open the trunk and he turned to a hippie
Hold (Aha), hold (Aha)
Hold (Aha), hold (Aha)
Hold (Aha), hold (Aha)
Hold (Aha), hold (Aha)
Yeah, okay, she feelin’ my bod’ (Hmm, bod)
We play us some card (Hmm, card)
We eatin’ on cod (Cod)
I eat it like hog

She said she a pog