Kota the Friend – MOMMA T’S INTERLUDE Lyrics

MOMMA T’S INTERLUDE Lyrics – Kota the Friend

Like I said
We didn’t know we was poor man
We had credit everywhere
Even if we didn’t have money right then and there
We didn’t need it
You paid later
Eat now, pay later
Mom was on the bus
She was on the city bus coming home
Kid on the bus came in
The guy grabbed the bag and ran with her bus
She gets of the bus and running the guy down
The guy couldn’t run far
He couldn’t run that fast
She caught up to the dude
And the dude dropped the bag
So, when we found out about it
We’re like, “Ma, why would you run after somebody that snatched your bag?”
And do you know there was nothing in bag?
It was just a
(Man, it cost money at the time)
It was just the principle that somebody snatched her bag
(This is good memories of good times when it wasn’t so much good times
Like today ain’t so much good times either
But it was even worse then because, you know)
We always had comfort