rei brown – Hyperstition Lyrics

Hyperstition Lyrics – ​​​rei brown

Had a visit with a spirit
Thought I saw an apparition, is this 20/20 vision?
Some would call it superstition, some would call it a religion
Something hidden
Maybe this is just a different metaphysical connection
To dimensions, mm

You’re crystallizing out of thin air
And there is nothing I can do but to stare
My body’s frozen, but it’s not ’cause I’m scared
Your fluorescence soaking up the room

Talking to you
No, I’m not frightened by you
Talking to you
No, I’m not frightened by you (I’m not afraid of you)

What if all the pain is perennial?
I don’t wanna lay in a burial (Don’t wanna lay in a burial)
Take me to a plane that’s ethereal
I would rather be immaterial (Ethereal)
Listen to a song on the stereo (Immaterial)
They say we’re alive, are we really though? (On the stereo)
Put a smile on for the video (Are we really though?)
Is this what it’s like to be pretty though?