DJ Muggs – Street Made Lyrics

Street Made Lyrics – DJ Muggs


I’m what the streets made, street raised
Representing for the homies on lock, six-feet grave
And these days it’s a must you stay solid
The rules you should follow is eat or you get swallowed, homie
Now stand up, put your motherfucking hands up
This ain’t no jack move, nigga, pull your pants up
And man up, you out here looking like a dancer
Jo Jo, shooting at children, and that’s a no-no
You up the .4-4, you better be ready for what’s behind it
These niggas ain’t playing, they come to find him
Now that the streetlights blind him
Staring at his eyes wide shut
The way they did it was fucked up
But that’s how it goes
One minute you ten toes and the next
You hear a pop and you bleeding and out cold
These youngsters amongst us
Thinking they ’bout to punk us
And don’t realize that we the ones that got shit crunk up
If you a father then you raise your son
If you a momma, pray those days don’t come
Death is permanent, ain’t no coming back from that
You ain’t the only one walking around strapped, in fact
They got guns everywhere you look
A potential killer lurks in every hand you shook
Yo, we did it for dope and the dollar signs
You did it for likes all on your lies, surprise (Uh, yeah)

I’m what the streets made, street raised
Mobbing through LA, fucking with Bs and them Cs
Stuck in the D game
I got different flavors of dope like niggas got weed strains
Wait ’til the rigor mortis set in, that nigga freeze frame
My blow came on a tugboat, [?] got ’em comatose
Gotta watch it these days, they can trace it back when a nigga overdose
Took his ass on a tour, when it came to rap he was just a local ho
Space rappin’, nigga, worldwide, shows sold out on both coasts
Nigga, cold that shit, we jack these rappers while they all shoppin’
Nigga, let me hold that shit
Maybe if your jewelry wasn’t so blurry, nigga coulda sold that shit
Nigga came eight deep and they still couldn’t kill me, that was some ho ass shit
Let it force my hand, I done made my plan, nigga, ready for the blowback, bitch
Gremlin like Kodak, bitch
Had to bust that pipe then I swipe that barrel out then I sold that shit
I dick her down, she got potential, then I might mold that bitch
And I better not ever get prosecuted for nothing I told that bitch, nigga