2022 Freshman Cypher – BabyTron, Cochise, Babyface Ray, Kali Lyrics

2022 Freshman Cypher – BabyTron, Cochise, Babyface Ray, Kali Lyrics

Wheezy outta here

They say they like how a bitch talk, scared I’ma talk to their nigga like this
I did my last nigga so wrong after he dropped like fifty on the wrist
Same nigga speak on my pussy ain’t been in there since they came out
Same bitches speak on my verses ain’t made a hit since they came out
Ain’t it funny how life go?
I done went up, they went psycho
Say twenty-four, did you try, ho?
Every concert is a light show
Bitch, play with me, you goin’ viral
If it’s up, then it’s stuck, on the rival
Make a bitch dance like a recital
Double back, I don’t recycle
Like I’m Future, I never liked ya
I like bitches, but I’ll never wife ya
Niggas only hard to they homeboys, niggas only hard to they weak-ass bitch
Flashin’ them guns in them videos and don’t even know how to load up the switch
I ain’t even having no sneaky link ’cause a nigga gon’ brag on this shit
I thought he don’t eat pussy ’cause he feignin’ to get him a lick (Wheezy outta here)
And I remember bitches is bullies, now they asking me how I got rich, Kali

Yeah, I said that I get it
And all of my niggas, I’m really demented
And all of my niggas, we get it and spent it
And shawty pull up and you know that she get it
This off of the top, okay
She pull up and mop, okay, okay
I’m wearing some socks, they brown, okay
Yo’ shawty, she lookin’, she round, okay
Okay, I’ll pull up one morning, uh
Okay, okay, and your shawty pull up and she follow
If she go, we gon’ fill her with hollows
And your shawty pull up and she swallow
Okay, excuse me
Got your shawty, she lose it
I slap on the booty, she showed me the boobies
And all of my niggas, we gettin’ some cooties, okay

It’s hard keepin’ it pimpin’
My bitches be trippin’ and want some attention
It’s hard keepin’ it trill
‘Cause niggas be purpin’ and flexin’ on Insta
Niggas be turnin’ they raps
I’m knowin’ it’s cap, well, turn off your image
Purple suede, LVs, R.I.P Virgil, they vintage
Purple drank on me, I open the top then kiss it
I spin through your block in a instant
They knew I was him from an infant
They know I was him from a youngin’
From here all the way out to London
I told her, left hand on the stomach
I’m used to this shit, I ain’t humble
You new to this shit, I can tell
F’s on the coupe like a young nigga failed
[?] chain, put that bitch on a scale
My homeboy rock Yeezy in jail
We ain’t got no boy, ask Peezy and ‘nem
[?] man ain’t Jeezy and them
Been a man since, put keys in a whip
Stayin’ paired up like a, in a bitch (Wheezy outta here)
Been down, mama proud, brothers still wild
Off-White Air 1s, ten toes down on the ground
Had to buy some headphones, I was ridin’ dirty on the hound
Drugs got my head gone, I just do a Perky in the crowd
Niggas be talkin’ so much, they wanna be gang so much, it’s crazy
Bitches be goin’ forever, whenever, I can’t let a broke ass phase me
You know I sold the game a lot, but can’t say no nigga made me
I’m with the plug, don’t party a lot, I’m in there, know they paid me
[?] baby, [?] baby drive her crazy
New Mercedes, hugging me good, the new 580
Blue 500, the main 500 just called me the greatest
From nothin’ to somethin’, now I’m a stunter like Weezy and Baby

MacBooks and Backwoods, I’m scammin’ on my high shit
Froze-ass heart, tell a bitch she need a ice pick
I was born broke, but best believe that I’ma die rich
You can check the stores for this shit, but you won’t find it
‘Cause I went and spent a ten ball
Mike Amiri jeans on my legs what yo’ rent cost
Think you fuckin’ with me? Then you must be off the fentanyl
Squeezin’ triggers, I’ll treat the Glocky like a stress ball
Play with us or one of mines, beat and left y’all
Why he playin’? Once it’s up, you can’t press pause
Sonic to the blues, get to runnin’ like the hedgehog
Catch him in a Off-White tee, get him X’d off
Super slimey, I’ll leave her at the finish line
Three-five of this shit, think I’m finna fly
Why the fuck you in the ride if you ain’t finna ride?
Double-XL chopstick, this the biggest size
Gang, ShittyBoyz, Dog Shit Militia