Kid Cudi – Intro (A Kid Named Cudi) Lyrics

Intro (A Kid Named Cudi) Lyrics – Kid Cudi

Goddamn nigga, watch your feet
Chill out man
With your big ass head
You gon sit right in front of me
Get fucked up
Huh?, Nah man, them shits is nasty
Yo, hello?
Gimme some of that popcorn
Chill man, get your own shit
Huh? Sup babe, I’m at the movies right now
Damn nigga, why you got so much butter on this shit?
Nah, I’m gonna come by later and get that though
Yeah, have you seen this shit?
Supposed to be good tho
Get your hand outta my pocket
Let me holla at you, the movie is about to start
Oh my god, what the fuck, do you smell that?
Damn, shh, yo
Pat, shh, chill dude
Damn, what the fuck?
Chill out
Shit’s started