Dawes – Sound That No One Made / Doomscroller Sunrise

Sound That No One Made / Doomscroller Sunrise Lyrics – ​Dawes

A morning fog descends upon the late night’s cheapest thrills
The most committed socialites see the sunrise in the hills
Mistakes are slowly realized, memories distilled
And the static starts to fade

From the laughter of the maniac, to the the songbirds melody
From the howling of the sirens, to the swaying of the trees
It fuses all the together to find the the perfect frequency
And it forever ricochets

Into a sound that no one made

I look up to see you slowing down while signaling a right
The older man behind us now is flashing you his brights
We both seem so distracted by this growing appetite
To punish and persuade

So a silent conversation gets directed toward the view
The curses and the branches describes the
The words like “I am sorry” and “I’m still in love with you”
Become a debt that won’t get paid

Just a sound that no one made

And how you’re rolling down the window to the city’s radiation
The connected dreams still dancing through the sky
I just need someone to listen to the strange and dark existence
For the consolation of knowing that you tried

And as we pulled off the freeway, the hospital appears
I see a man up in the window and the back end of the ears
And I image him in there dying with that ringing in the ears
That we all end up with someday

And now there’s a message in those symptoms, a morbid sort of sign
The ominous reminder of the body’s slow decline
As constant as a heartbeat but stronger overtime
While the rest of us decays

Listening to the sound that no one made