​quinn – ‍american freestyle Lyrics

‍american freestyle Lyrics – ​quinn

You say you love the bitch, then you better fuckin’ love ’em
If you don’t, fuck ’em, either ditch ’em or just fuck ’em
When I stand and then you duck ’em
That’s for men and women in between
Gender politics, I would rather not intervene in
It’s not about the grind, it’s ’bout the melanin
Racism still alive, white people, tell a friend
Matter fact, go up to your parents and just tell ’em how we forced to stay inside of a country we weren’t developed in (Nigga)
They set us up for failure, then we can’t leave
Put they knees all up on our neck until we can’t breathe
Say big words and then they act like they right
Then adopting black kids so they can act like they white, damn
It’s kinda funny how they shame us for our color
When they fuckin’ on they mother and they sister and they brother and they auntie and they uncle and they dogs, I ain’t forget that
And slavery took way too much energy we can’t get back
There’s some guarantee you motherfuckers mad at this
How much you wan’ bet they skin color doesn’t match mine?
Knowledge is worth nothin’ if you argue in the past-time
But being broke and crazy made my stupid ass a mastermind
Don’t speak on the struggle that you won’t know about
And this just isn’t somethin’ that you should go about
And if you got an American flag, then fuckin’ throw it out
And if I see it with a blue line, I’m finna blow you down, nigga (Brr, got his ass, ow)

Fuck the police, shoutout all my white homies, though (Fuck the police)
Fuck the police, shoutout all my white homies, though
Shoutout all my—
Fuck the police, shoutout all my white homies, though