​quinn – ‍oh Lyrics

‍‍oh Lyrics – ​quinn

Uncle always told me ‘fore you go through the trials, you gotta understand the evidence
Close out your circle, gotta get rid of all the squares
Goin’ through some shit, then you might need a hand
If you’re scared or you shy, my nigga, understand
My brother always told me, tried to get me to be the man
It’s not exactly who I am, my gender has some other blends
Yeah, I love my girl because she my biggest fan
I’m the finest in the flyest single body Big Benz, uh
Came from long nights and lost demons
Got a lot of money, never bought a pair of Neiman’s
Tell your bro you love him, never tell him that you mean it
Some day he might hate you, then your love won’t have a reason
And if you fight the battles, then I wish you safe travels
And remember, fight it out before you pull it out the satchel
Peace to all my niggas, love to all my hittas
Get the money, don’t be funny
Watch the show and change the channel, nigga
I don’t wanna cry no more
I don’t wanna think about dying no more
I don’t wanna carry my .9 no more
I don’t wanna think of suicide no more, nah
I don’t wanna cry no—