KB Mike – Distant Lyrics

Ian gone lie you been acting different i noticed it
You dont say you love me no more you been holding in
I ain’t been feeling the vibes why you acting so distant
If i been doing something wrong you can say ima fix it
She say that ain’t the problem she dont wanna get hurt again
She tired of giving it her all just to get hurt inna end
Being attached to somebody thats only temporary
She say no love is forever she say thats why its scary
Imagine telling em you love em hoping they forever
Just so they can find somebody else who they think better
Say sometimes she ain’t the best but ain’t nobody better
I kiss her tell her that i love i won’t leave her ever
She got my heart forever
We get to laughin and vibing
Talking about them times that we had and
I tell her she special i really fuck with her
I say we in this together like glue im stuck with her
Nobody else but her
We been through hella shit but we just take it hating on our bond they try to break it
I know she the one for me im in love for real kept it 100 she solid the one i trust for real
She got me stuck for real
She always know she can come to me when she need some help
The pain she felt
I know that she been through alot but im here to help
She ain’t used to nobody keeping it real with her
She always think people lying its hard to deal with her
She say be patient she working on all of her issues
Its hard to love somebody they leave her like she the issue
Then when they need her act like they miss you saying they love you
She tired of hearing the lies like who real or fake can i trust you
Dont want you telling me you love me when you know you dont
Cause i dont wanna get hurt no more im good on my own
Dont wanna catch all these feelings and then you up and leave
Im always there for everybody else but they never there for me
So tell me right now do you got my back
Is you gone stay through all the worst and when its getting bad
Is you gone stay wen you can’t take it
And all we keep doing is yelling
Im sorry for steady asking
Want love cause i never felt it