KB Mike – Missing You Lyrics

Even though we dont feel the same im still missing you
How you gone do me like that when i ain’t do shit to you
I even changed my ways for you and you still did this shit
Like fuck the love this ain’t it no more i can’t take this shit
But i won’t lie i need you right need to hear you love me
Why i keep giving you my heart if you keep saying fuck me
Like damn i know ian perfect but can’t you see im worth it
How you gone tell me you love me but leave when we ain’t working
Just tell this me this ain’t working
I smile because of you
Them bitches hate you like that cause they can’t do what you do
And even though you did me wrong im wishing you the best
One day you gone see the love i gave you i did it best
This prolly for the best
Maybe we did this to fast and it wasn’t Meant to be
You and me
A bond thats been broken how could we let this be
Some shit just be for the moment you just get used to it
I hate the way i been feeling i can’t keep doing this
You tell me lies I just listen but dont believe you
Really dont trust you
Wanna say fuck you
Its like i need you
Feelings to deep dont know what you did to me but i love you
Without you i feel empty you the only person im stuck to
I put my heart up on the line everytime
And You just keep doing me dirty telling lies everytime
Dont just tell me what i wanna hear
I give everybody my all they never gimme theirs
I keep telling you how i feel like do you even care
And you just keep lettin me down its like you never there
Like you dont care about my feelings you treat me unfair
Like uon see see me steady crying im tired of the tears
Im tired of being hurt and played with
All you Do is treat me like im none i never say shit
Always go back and fourth about no communication
Tell you what you do wrong u dont fix it im starting to hate this
You never change shit

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