KB Mike – Revenge 2 Lyrics

So you found out he cheating on you
You went thru his phone and found out
He been freaking and sneaking and creeping on you
He was telling the bitch that he love
Her he fucked her and then he went back home to you
But I found out the bitch that he fucking is my bitch so damn I just guess that they both cheating too
But dont worry its cool

Said she at work and that she gone be late
She at that nigga place
She told me that she was getting her something to eat
She was eating his meat
They was under the sheets
She was being a freak
Fucking on him while she thinkin bout me
She was screaming his name while she thinkin bout me
How she fucking this nigga and this nigga not me
Okay we gone get them back
All this shit just a eye for an eye
Since they cheating on us we gone cheat on them back
They gone feel all this hurt
We gone hurt them the worst
We gone hurt them the most
This just some pain that I can not let go
How they gone play us like that
Just betray us like that
When we gave them the most
So fuck it I guess this is war

Yo nigga unfaithful you been shoulda left him
Shoulda knew better
She wanna cheat on me ima just let her
I bet ima cheat on her better
Knew she was a hoe when I met her
But still I had kept her
She was a eater
Instead I had stayed when I knew I should leave her
Fuck it ion need her
This tit for tat if she cheat
Ima cheat we some cheaters

Crazy part about it is that its her sister
Yeah thats right I been fucking her sister
She fucking my homie
So we both in the wronging
Told you I cheat the best
She played the game so I played the shit back
But this my game ima play til the end
If you cheat on me first bitch im getting revenge
Ima win in the end

This this tit for tat
You cheat on me ima cheat back
You hurt me first you gone hurt last
I cant go out like that
You cant play me like that
It aint going like that
I aint going
Yall gone feel all this hurt
We gone hurt yall the worst
We gone hurt yall the most
So fuck it I guess this mean war