​The Flatliners – Big Strum Lyrics

Big Strum Lyrics – ​The Flatliners

Come clean, cataclysmic truth
Brace yourself, no one’s gonna do it for you
Grab hold the concept of control
And dig it into the side of your skull
Wring out all that you’ve said before
Those empty words scraped from charity’s shores
And just plant your feet in a new daydream
Where you’re the one with the boot to your teeth
Now peel them back, generations of vile
Privilege in the shape of a smile
I’ll be incinerating your blissful ignorance
So you can feel how scorched the earth really is

Unravel loud in disgrace
Just keep digging your own grave

Fear now, for all those in cahoots
Will be burned straight down to their roots
And the stronghold of their era of gold
Will be dismantled down to dust from its bones
Shine a light on the vermin who hide
At the family reunion in plain sight
Smashing fascists as quick as you can move
Your thumb back and forth as you scroll to your doom

Unravel loud in disgrace
Just keep digging your own grave
As your empire burns it seems
That our sound reverberates

A cold sweat around your remote control
Drains you down to the dire and the dull
I can’t believe that the god you seek
Is but a translation for your hate speech
Recognize all the evil that lies
Awake at night with a secret to hide
Your salvation is sinking you see
Into the hands of the bored and blood thirsty