Whitmer Thomas – Rigamarole Lyrics

Rigamarole Lyrics – Whitmer Thomas

Profound caption thirst trap malaise
No satisfaction online these days
Sink a little deeper into the haze
Piss away the money you finally got paid
Buy a new pair of shoes and play guitar
Work out a little and wash your car
Got idle handle hands but I just jacked off
Fall asleep at 8 oclock
I cant tell if I’m depressed
Because so is everyone else
If it could just rain I might feel something
Guess I never really knew myself
Make a cup of coffee and water the plants
Text my dad and pay my rent
Try to write something even if it’s shit
Watch a fucking movie you ain’t seen yet
Check in with friends DM a meme
Clean the kitchen counter even though it’s clean
Sit in the sun and try to sweat
Go through old photos and shave my head
Life’s become a bottomless hole
Squeeze the joy from my soul
Try to relate try to self motivate
But you can’t fight the rigamarole
Got no stories left in my back pocket
I’ve mined my youth and exhausted it
My writings gotten stiff like my crooked limbs
Gotta settle down and have a couple kids
I eat fast food when I feel sad
I think of everyone I know who’s died
I fuck my face up on my iphone apps
Consider taking in a stray cat
Each days an endless scroll
Spike my punch bowl
The routine is dull
I wanna lose control
But you can’t fight the rigamarole