360 – Mirrored Lyrics

Lyrics to Mirrored by 360


Steppin’ out the comfort zone is helpin’ me develop more
Feelin’ like I’m guided by this energy I’ve felt before
Telling me, I cheated fate, drifted from myself
And that I need to take the teams away and go and make an album raw
Then you’ll see how crazy and loud all the shouting gets
Why I’m so fearful of puttin’ myself out again
Need to get some air now, feelin’ like I’m drownin’ when
Now the head’s tellin’ me I’m ’bout to let ’em down again
That I get too personal in everything I’m makin’
I’m just arrivin’ home, so I’m sayin’ how my day’s been
The person I’ve become now, makin’ sure to stay, when
There’s no trust, I’m the one I have to put my faith in
But never made the right ones when I was makin’ changes
I’d wonder why it’s dark when it’s all I spent my days in
Complex, I became a victim of my circumstance
Till I understood that it was up to me to change it
That’s what I been doin’ now, switchin’ up the attitude
I don’t have a choice here; this is what I have to do
I absolutely have a clue; I need to make it happen now
Instead of being someone that life is gonna happen to
Wonder if I’ll fuck it up, but actually, it’s worse
I’ma redefine the meaning of me snappin’ in a verse
Can I beat this affliction? It’s rattlin’ the nerves
‘Cause the biggest buzz I got was after battlin’ a curse
And the whole game took a lot from me; I show that
Comin’ back for everything it took and what I don’t have
Feelin’ what I’m sayin’, they can tell I fuckin’ know
That I don’t need support, I went and got my own back
Pushin’ through the barriers of doubt, and we can progress
Hit the final form; you’re about to see the process
Knowin’ what I want, I can definitely get it, so
Anything but perfect, I’m out to give you no less

No less, here I am, though, yeah
Givin’ everything I have, yo, yeah
My soul’s pushin’ me to come back
My head is doubtin’ if I can though
No less, here I am though
Givin’ everything I have, yo
My soul’s pushin’ me to come back (Ty)
My head is doubtin’ if I can, though, uh

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