8corpses – PTSD Lyrics

PTSD Lyrics – 8corpses

It’s a Hurricane in my psyche
Its a hallmark of how you left me
couldn’t do a damn thing
Now I’m sitting here self loathing

Life got me feeling boxed in
Had to watch em lay there dyin
Suffocating from alive to decay

So much guilt
it drives me insane
PTSD hauntin my brain
So many years now and I still feel the same
Drugged myself just to numb the pain
Flashbacks of the corpses,
still haunt me today
Life eventually will take us all out
And we don’t gotta say

Tryna stop the intrusive thoughts
taking control of my mind
Laying alone at night
poundin my hands against my eyes

Between cutting and inking my flesh
Who knows what I’ll look like When I’m finally dead

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