AbzSav – Hello Lyrics

Hello Lyrics – AbzSav

Ay MZY turn me up
Hilzz made this
Grind that nigga
Grind that
Know who we’re smoking on
You know it’s

Cheffed up Twigz and Elmz same day
I cleaned my mindi both nerds got shaved
They try lick man off my ped
I had 6 shots try blow out their brain
Want so much clout on the net
Come Northolt gain unlimited fame
018 went O on the train
Wealdstone station broke his face
Burnt my clothes like 20 times
19 times when he got diced
Age 18 I went inside
17 stuffed in the glee let’s ride
16 ran when he got knifed
Age 15 when JTapz died
14 year old goals, that [?] ain’t got no fucking pride
The beef with the Harrow yutes is over
All their strikes shot or toast up
Lil Pabz lost his lung in the field but he weren’t no organ donor
All his friends were there when I shed his blood and left him a loner
Petrol be my favourite odor, bro smoked him but he weren’t no smoker
Sending corn from Rayners, Hayes, Stones, straight to the bottom of Bello
Someone tell Teerose mum I might pull up and say, “Hello”
One to the chest like how you died when you stepped outside with your metal
Stay pissed off ’til rap boy dies, no way this beef can’t settle
You don’t wanna buck me and R1 right on the Wealdstone mains
We tapped it off ‘cah the empty Lane
Elijah done got brave, 5 bells put him back in his place
RCG from a deadly estate where every man got an opp on their shave
Who wanna take this further?
We accidentally shot a kebab when the opps were tryna order a burger
The only time the Laners stepped with a handting, they all went jail for a burner
Atleast they glid, the Hayes Town yutes could use them a lurker
Huncho’s yard got hit, pissed AbzSav I wanted a murder
Singing, singing, why the fuck is ZK singing?
My man got splashed in his fucking face, all now he ain’t done one drilling
Bring it, bring it, who wanna die come bring it
Come take a pic on my block if you’re bad like Tapz on my life we’ll kill it
Some are more of a walker, the horridest one on your block is a talker
Spy on my opps I’m a stalker, splash them down put them yutes in order
We sent him high and no Teerose was a basketballer
Sent him off to an early sauna, frying, hot, suck your mum, can’t call her
If I die don’t put my face on a chain, go slap niggas with bine
From Tables Turn you think I wanted a reply, what can you even type?
They took his clout for hype and shat on his name as soon as he died
I’ve spun the P ’bout 20 times, I walk comfy when I step in the 5
3 man dead and I’m still outside
Rose got dropped had to pay the price
Micah rides on Insta live
Shak got packed try back his knife
LA got bun with the loaded .9
He was with Breezo and they both got bined
EMan ran for his life, his mum woulda cried if we took his life

They know where we are
Show them where we are
They know where we are
Show them where we are
RC, RCG, you know what’s going on
They know where we are man
Everyday live
The gm’s live
Tell ’em come slide
I made it to 23
I’m gonna make it to 24
Hilzz made this

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