American Nightmare – Self Check-out Lyrics

Self Check-out Lyrics – American Nightmare

Hanging on a dream
I can’t explain
The noose loosens up
When I numb the pain
Hand in the stars
Feet in cement
Looking for heaven
But don’t wanna die yet
The ecstasy
And agony
Of never really being
Where you want to be
Leave the glitter
In the gutter
For the next
To be bedded by hell
In this prison cell
This is dedicated to
The next world
And the bridges burn
And the money burns
And the bibles burn
And we never learn
Through the whole of our hearts
And the hole in my heart
I had a breakthrough

The lyrics also seem to express a sense of being trapped or confined in a difficult situation, and the idea of being in a prison cell. The lyrics also seem to reference the idea of giving up or feeling defeated, with lines like “Leave the glitter in the gutter” and “And we never learn.”

The last lines of the lyrics, “Through the whole of our hearts, And the hole in my heart, I had a breakthrough” might indicate that the person behind the lyrics had an epiphany or an understanding of what is important and what they should focus on.

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