Ard Adz – Gta Freestyle Lyrics

Gta Freestyle Lyrics – Ard Adz

A man who doesn’t shed tears usually cries the most
High paranoia I’m wide awake while my eyes are closed
Looking in a mans eyes and I can see he lies the most
Looking at a mans grind and I can see he tries the most

I suppose life is cold getting more mature
Wife was shocked when I proposed
Humble souls lower their bread and they rise the toast
Always fucking high through these highs and lows
Life I chose got this heater wrapped cos life is cold, I suppose

You ain’t ever been broke and held a fiver close
You ain’t ever stretched it out see how far a fiver goes
Free my akhi kaz life took him down lifers road
Yeah he never made it but I wouldn’t diss a man who tried
Fuck the opps alive but I couldn’t diss the ones who died
Hella fake bruddas I got love for the ones who slide
Louis bag looking clean dirty waps what’s inside
Free the real ak always less of us more of them
All the feds you jadore and all the jakes I detest
See the jakes fly the fence do the crop buy the tent
I ain’t seen a brudda hustle harder than saida keb

Real brikky baby I was outside the kfc, way before NFTs
6 man 6 grand split it like NSG, hop inside an AMG
Feds behind KMT, living like it’s GTA, couldn’t give my ETA
Getting rich on ETH, smoking on the THC
I done robbed the Barclays and I scammed the TSB
Couldn’t get the PS1, mummy bought the PS2
But I bought the PS3, in the hood we don’t work together like we PSG

Trapping out the BNB, stepping in my D&G
Am on me dank on me stinks like it’s PMP
Everybody wanna blow, can’t without the TNT
Smoking on the CBD, didn’t do my BCG
Gotta couple BTC, me I went tensions heat was in BTG
2 bill car will still get a man from A to B
Get you the A&E, dropped the tape no PR
ANPR still tryna clock the VRN
Running couple scams and this lappy’s got no VPN
Grinding when it’s 3am, grinding when it’s 3pm
I don’t really see DM’s, brudda fuck the EDL
Small gun body on it, body not a BBL
Used to do ACN, didn’t work leathered up
Then I robbed a ATM, cut out on a KTM, free my brudda KTN