Quando Rondo - Double C's Lyrics

Quando Rondo – Double C’s Lyrics

Double C’s By Quando Rondo CashMoneyAP (16yrold) Double C, I be crippin’, yeah, the hard way Double B’s, I was broke and now I’m ballin’ Double G’s, I be rockin’ Gucci all day […]

FKJ – Earthquake Lyrics

Earthquake Ago By FKJ Human nature plays with nature But the nature isn’t playing Some want to rebuild a future I say stop slaying stop slaying My hotel room is […]

FKJ – Brother Lyrics

Brother Ago By FKJ Brother brother we don’t speak much Brother brother We’ve been thru a lot Inside of us we know, we know It’s been a while ago a […]

FKJ – 100 Roses Lyrics

100 Roses Ago By FKJ One hundred roses around our bed Waiting for ya One hundred roses around our bed For u Ayla Petals are flying, the wind is blowing […]

FKJ – 10 Years Ago Lyrics

10 Years Ago By FKJ 10 YEARS AGO ” Fifteen in my room Im a loner playing loud Imma stay here so long I can’t feel time This room is […]

Lil Peep – Belgium Lyrics

Belgium By Lil Peep I’m a punk star You don’t mind and I don’t mind at all (At all) You act kind, I don’t act kind at all I ask […]

Arizona Zervas – Roxanne Lyrics

Roxanne By Arizona Zervas Roxanne Roxanne All she wanna do is party all night God damn Roxanne Never gunna love me but it’s all right She think i’ma asshole She […]

Miky Woodz – No Le Bajé Lyrics

No Le Bajé By Miky Woodz D-Note is on the beat The Beatllionare Jajajajaja Tú dice’, hommie Ah, yeah (Ey) Crecí sin na’ (Yeah), ahora lo tengo to’ (To’; ey) Miky no le […]

Rosalyn – LoverFriend Lyrics

LoverFriend By Rosalyn I wanna be your lover not your friend Pretending I’m in love with somebody else I wanna be your lover not a saint To come and take […]

OBN Jay - Apart of Me Lyrics

OBN Jay – Apart of Me Lyrics

Apart of Me By OBN Jay Phone ringing back to back I send my jit to handle that We swerving and we double back Aiming for the take off his […]

TeeJay3k – Wassup Lyrics

Wassup By TeeJay3k I just hit my dawg What’s the move for the night? Get money all day Then I move through the night I just want to party I […]