A Day To Remember – Degenerates Lyrics

Degenerates by A Day To Remember My friend are degenerates But I’ve never change them Liars cheats are hypocrites Not the time for saving Woulda we [?] hole one another […]

Katelyn Tarver – Young Lyrics

Young by Katelyn Tarver Spilling wine on the carpet In your Melrose apartment Caught up in the emotion Go back just for a moment Making out on your sofa Put […]

Logic - No Pressure Freestyle Lyrics

Logic – No Pressure Freestyle Lyrics

No Pressure Freestyle by Logic You already know what it is Ayo, I never had a car‚ that’s why I hate the f------ bus Took the 61 to Germantown and hear them guns […]

Kevin Gates – No More Lyrics

No More by Kevin Gates Don’t give up, no matter how rough, just don’t give up (yea) I’m living like that, I ain’t lost my touch Wanna be around you […]

Declan McKenna – British Bombs Lyrics

British Bombs by Declan McKenna Great snakes, are we moving already? Good gravy, did you say it cost a penny or two for you? We’re talking ’bout the bad start My baby brother has […]

Yungeen Ace – Freestyle Lyrics

Freestyle by Yungeen Ace Lately my mind been drifting away and I’m thinking I’m faded, I’m faded You said that you loved me, but stabbed me in my heart and […]

Ava Max – Torn Lyrics

Torn by Ava Max You, you take all of the li-li-light away But, but then you give me fireworks I, I think of leaving ni-ni-night and day But, but then […]

Lily Moore – Nothing On You Lyrics

Nothing On You by Lily Moore Every time I’m lost, you’re the place I go And when nothing makes sense, you’re the one thing I know I know I should […]

RIKA – Hold On To Me Lyrics

Hold On To Me by RIKA Every time that I told you, “Go away” You showed me patience, you always waited for me Times I lied here like I’m wasted […]

Liz Lawrence – Usp Lyrics

Usp by Liz Lawrence Shine bright Your light They’ll tell you that you’re mad But you’re not You’re true And you’re the holiest of things You got to work till […]

Bec Sandridge – STRANGER Lyrics

STRANGER by Bec Sandridge I will not leave my bed today Though I’ve got a thousand things to do I need a mental break, a holiday Somewhere to hide I cannot leave my bed […]

Shura – forevher (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Shura Release date: August 16, 2019 Genre: Alternative/Indie Label: Secretly Canadian Tracklist: 01. ​that’s me, just a sweet melody 02. side effects 03. religion (u can lay your hands […]