Wolf Parade – Forest Green Lyrics

Forest Green By Wolf Parade Here on Forest Green Everyone knows that the life is so serene And what’s not to love Under the sky and the shining stars above Stars above A […]

Kojey Radical – Cashmere Tears Lyrics

Cashmere Tears By Kojey Radical They don’t wanna say I’ve fallen for ya They don’t wanna make this simply more real That’s another soul for the broken hearted (broken hearted) Cashmere tears baby I’m […]

RDX – Dancing Lyrics

Dancing By RDX Is a RDX dancing song Big up Mr. Wacky a the dancing Don Them a throw word but we nah respond Them eye red like the cup […]

EQRIC & JESSIA – Mirror Lyrics

Mirror By EQRIC & JESSIA Baby I’m calling out Save me I’m going down Take me to another town Where I can rest my bones I can rest my bones safely Even when […]

Malik Harris – Home Lyrics

Home By Malik Harris I let you fear the dark on your own When you were needing someone to hold And you were seeking for a road home A road […]

Lucas Rieger – Unlove Lyrics

Unlove By Lucas Rieger feat. Nico Santos Here we go again Why do good things end There’s things that time won’t meant You had it all my friend How do […]

Julian Lamadrid – Moment Lyrics

Moment By Julian Lamadrid We’ve been lying on this mattress For the better part of months I’ve been wrestling with an actress She don’t wanna give me up I’ve been […]

Jason Maxwell – Fall Girl Lyrics

Fall Girl By Jason Maxwell Like those raindrops that keep coming down And the leaves that kiss the Autumn ground You’re the shooting star I found Did you fall for […]

Marina City – Money Lyrics

Money By Marina City And she forgot her wallet Put keys in her pocket “Take me to Nawlins My time ain’t stopping I’m treading water Let’s sink to the bottom […]

SoMo – All the Time Lyrics

All the Time By SoMo You say you’re guarded I hate these pardons You don’t know what that does to me Think that you’re hardened I left you heartless Told […]

Dave – Professor X Lyrics

Professor X By Dave Tweakin’, tweakin’ 120 on the M-way, speedin’ LV hat, backpack, and sneakers Any girl that I’m with is a ten Nine, eight, bredren, decent Now I’m […]

Plies – Boss Friends Lyrics

Boss Friends By Plies ft. DaBaby Hunnids bands for a kilo, n---- Yung Lan on the track Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah All of my friends, I got boss friends, hah […]

FaZe Rug – Goin’ Live Lyrics

Goin’ Live By FaZe Rug We get litty like a candle Carti frame Gucci flannel Feel good helpin’ out the famo See me grinding on my channel I just pulled […]

NLE Choppa – Dekario Lyrics

Dekario By NLE Choppa Oh no no ah And I need a top shot, yeah yeah Got the toys like rekardo Full of pain in and I told some hey […]

League of Legends – GIANTS Lyrics

GIANTS By True Damage (ft. Becky G, Keke Palmer, SOYEON, DUCKWRTH, Thutmose) | League of Legends Moving too fast life is moving in slow-mo I’m a god better ask if […]