RIKI – Gossip Lyrics

Gossip By RIKI Lyrics Occhi da storte e i fotografi davanti al club Foto distorte fanne un’altra e via Lei nella notte e la noia muove nuove chance Facce da […]

Shane Eagle – Up 1 Lyrics

Up 1 By Shane Eagle Lyrics Music and my money, only thing n----- can take from me Strapped off, n----- out here acting funny Moved from the hood, now my […]

Shane Eagle – XXXX Lyrics

XXXX By Shane Eagle Lyrics Uh, king of the African jungle, you all sheep False propaganda, depriving Africa’s needs Never been starving, the way that I eat beats There’s a […]

Shane Eagle – Storytime Lyrics

Storytime By Shane Eagle Lyrics Voices, voice-voices in my head say I shouldn’t do it Voices, voices in my head, voices in my head say I shouldn’t do it Let […]

LIZ – Laguna Nights Lyrics

Laguna Nights By LIZ Lyrics La-la-laguna La-la-laguna La-la-laguna La-la-laguna Back in your jeep [?] the flame That look in your eye, yeah Guess some thing they never change Oooo ‘Cause […]

Madeon – Be Fine Lyrics

Be Fine By Madeon Lyrics Today the world is gonna do me right The sun is rising in my head Until I just cannot believe my eyes And you tell […]

NEFFEX – Want Me Lyrics

Want Me By NEFFEX Lyrics Verse 1: no class but all sass grew fast with no dad she a tall glass better fall back I want all that I want […]

NEFFEX – Primal Lyrics

Primal By NEFFEX Lyrics VERSE 1: I’m alright yea living in the shadows in the night yea always searching looking for the light yea anything to understand this life yea […]

Culture Code – Fairytale Lyrics

Fairytale By Culture Code Lyrics You hurt me, you did, several times It hurts to admit that we’re no different I find it hard to commit but you don’t even […]

RDX – JAW Lyrics

JAW By RDX Lyrics Gyal Body up, shell dung Take all a me money gyal you welcome Money talk, take some Everything govern bring your friend come Fling it out, […]

NEFFEX - Without You Lyrics

NEFFEX – Without You Lyrics

Without You By NEFFEX Lyrics woah youre lips turn blue these lies hold truth and I’ll be fine without you x4 VERSE 1: tell me I’m right tell me I’m […]