Dax – ISIS Freestyle Lyrics

ISIS Freestyle by Dax: F--- that singing s--- Its back to my old ways, its no games I Eint been to sleep in like 4 days N----- gassed cuz I’m […]

Josh A – SAVE ME Lyrics

SAVE ME by Josh A: Save me from myself I really need your help I’m going under Save me from myself I don’t really want to wonder if I’m really going under Yeah […]

NoCap – Drumsticks Lyrics

Drumsticks by NoCap: Every time that it was drums we bought sticks n---- I came from apartments seen six figuers Now I walk around like I’m the s--- n---- They […]

Sueco the Child – dork Lyrics

dork by Sueco the Child: Lil baby I’m an animal Put in her mouth have her drink it up like danimals (Sheesh) Nasty, she eat me like a cannibal Then she wanna kiss me, […]


ON SOME HIGH by SEBASTIAN PAUL: Running towards or running from I’m not sure just, know I’m gone To anywhere that isn’t here You’re tellin’ you’re fine With my song, oh But I’ve […]

Kid Ink – Miami Lyrics

Miami by Kid Ink: I took a molly in Miami, that’s a wet dream (Wet dream) Rippin’ through the water on the jetski, yeah (Jetski) Spent the night at [?] got the best sleep, […]

Travis Thompson – Malice Lyrics

Malice by Travis Thompson: Never no malice on the side Never no bitter how I get mine B---- worry about yourself Trying to keep my head down It’s too much Never no malice […]

Big Boi – Intentions Lyrics

Intentions by Big Boi: Where’d you go? I can’t find you, this room so crowded And will I ever find another? I seriously doubt it (I seriously doubt it) Now I’m screaming “Where are […]

Emeli Sandé – Free as a Bird Lyrics

Free as a Bird by Emeli Sandé: I’ve been tearing down the walls I’ve been kicking down the doors I’ve been burning all the boxes ‘Cause I’m a slave to […]

Emeli Sandé – Real Life Lyrics

Real Life by Emeli Sandé: If a soldier had a gun to my head Would you fight or would you just play dead? If we ain’t got no food, ain’t […]

Emeli Sandé – Survivor Lyrics

Survivor by Emeli Sandé: Baby, I been lost at sea I been in the dark Oh, I’ve been on my knees I’ve been torn apart So I thank God that […]

Emeli Sandé – Honest Lyrics

Honest by Emeli Sandé: We may live again, but hey now, maybe not So if you love someone, give it all you’ve got Time is easy spent, but it can’t […]

Emeli Sandé – Love to Help Lyrics

Love to Help by Emeli Sandé: Wherever you go, I wanna go there If ever you’re alone, I’ll kill your nightmares If they dip you in blue, I’m painting you […]

Lonr. – A.M. Lyrics

A.M. by Lonr.: Empty bottle ’round us Pills on the sink, yeah Two blonds in my bed (My bed) No, I can’t remember If [?] last night, I’ma guess I did I’ma live my […]