RaeLynn - Love Triangle Lyrics

RaeLynn – Love Triangle Lyrics

Sittin’ on the front step Little white suitcase Hearing that diesel ‘Fore it hit the front gate His headlights burnin’ down a Friday night Southern Belle statue Standing in the […]

Tove Lo - Cool Girl Lyrics

Tove Lo – Cool Girl Lyrics

You can run free I won’t hold it against you! (You do your thing, never wanted a future) F--- if I knew how to put it romantic Speaking my truth, […]

Raury - NEVERALONE Lyrics

Raury – NEVERALONE Lyrics

Just go, you were never alone, No, you were never alone No matter where you go Just want you to know From L.A. to Tokyo That you were never alone […]

NAO – Girlfriend Lyrics

NAO – Girlfriend Lyrics

Losing it to waterfalls Rip and tidy years ago Buried under rivers all the doubt I didn’t notice Cause’ maybe we learned for the magical Carpet that belonged to those […]

Flo Rida - Zillionaire Lyrics

Flo Rida – Zillionaire Lyrics

I gotta ask where you been hiding You’re like a 20 karat diamond The finer things in life were shining How ’bout that late night wine and dining? You want […]

Jason Derulo - Kiss The Sky Lyrics

Jason Derulo – Kiss The Sky Lyrics

Don’t know when we going home (But your friend could come along) I’m thinking why not, baby, why not…!? I’m looking good, don’t wanna blink Mary tells me I’m a […]