Drake – Hype Lyrics

Why you live off of the hype bruh? Real T-way! Yeah I pull up in Lexus’ like it’s ’07 I just hit a lick I got to hit a next […]

Young Dolph – All About Lyrics

[Intro] It’s all about skrilla It’s all about cash It’s all about paper It’s all about weight [Hook] I just spent your budget on my right wrist In a drop […]

Serkan feat. Alexa – IMDAT Lyrics

Serkan: Imdat Hadi hadi sen bana kanma. Susma. Duyma Aman Aman Alexa: I don’t wanna, I won’t break your heart Say can you love like that Alexa: If you treat […]

Ariana Grande – Greedy Lyrics

[Intro:] Greedy You know that I’m greedy for love [Verse 1:] Boy, you give me feelings, never felt before I’m making it obvious by knocking at your door I know […]

Yemi Alade – Kom Kom ft. Flavour Lyrics

[Intro] Eji kwa’m money Eji kwa’m cash Eji kwa’m money, Yeba Eji kwa’m money Eji kwa’m cash, Yeba Eji kwa’m money Oyorima Ilele ilele ilele ilele ilele ilele, ayakata ilele […]

Lethal Bizzle – Wobble Lyrics

[Intro] Dench! [Verse 1] See her in the gym doing two squats Tight leggings on she don’t do socks She tryna get something happening Tryna get that booty like Kim […]

Sami Yusuf – Mast Qalandar Lyrics

Sami Yusuf : Mast Qalandar Dam mast Qalandar mast mast Dam mast Qalandar mast mast Iko vird hai dam dam Ali Ali Sakhi Lal Qalandar mast mast Jhoole Lal Qalandar […]

2 Chainz – Gotta Lotta ft. Lil Wayne Lyrics

[Lil Wayne:] Lotta dope Gotta lotta dope Ba-ba-da-bope [Hook – Lil Wayne:] Ba-da-ba-da-beee Ba-ba-da-bope Yeah Ba-ba-da-bope I said we gotta lotta dope, we gotta lotta coke We got weed, that’s […]

Tyga – Cash Money Lyrics

[Intro] Aye.. Who that in the Lambo? That’s the Last King boy, haan? Last King Records takin’ over for the 2016 ‘till forever [Hook] I got b------ in my swimming […]