Shari – Stella Lyrics

Stella By Shari Sto bene lo sai Perche i tuoi occhi splendono Come una stella di fuoco Non ti guardero mai piu E tu come stai? Riesco a vederti in […]

DIANA – If Lyrics

If By DIANA: A True Musical Story I offer my goodbye’s without compromise Our princes moving on Beyond the paleustalfs Beyond the photographs A fairy tail come and gone All […]

Upchurch & Adam Calhoun – Us Lyrics

Us By Upchurch & Adam Calhoun I ain’t ‘posed to be here, yeah that’s what they told me But I keep showin’ up like “F--- you, pay me”, yeah you […]

UnoTheActivist – Way Too Young Lyrics

Way Too Young By UnoTheActivist (Alecto) (I’m way too young to die sober) Ooh (I’m way too young to die sober) Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh (Saucier Squad) (Uno, I killed it) Uh, I’m […]