Joseph Allen – Mama Lyrics

Mama by Joseph Allen Mama no tears tryna look mama we made it She smiles at me with tears in her eyes Voice in my head says i can be […]

Old Dominion – Young Lyrics

Young by Old Dominion All we had was a feeling All we knew is we were leaving A couple drops in the ocean Go back for just a moment Before […]

Twin Peaks - Ferry Song Lyrics

Twin Peaks – Ferry Song Lyrics

Ferry Song by Twin Peaks Since it’s too late to stay here Maybe I could take up a seat? It’s getting hard to keep walking With these phrases on repeat […]

Kim Gordon – Sketch Artist Lyrics

Sketch Artist by Kim Gordon Mhm Sketch your heart and stop Sketch your heart and stop No one (?) And death (?) strikes And the wind (?) strikes Like an (?) In a […]

Sturgill Simpson – Sing Along Lyrics

Sing Along by Sturgill Simpson Words can stab as deep as night And cut like a razored thorn Bitter air and the winds of spite Like the cold of winter’s scorn Leaves may […]

Duumu & ÊMIA – Talk! Lyrics

Talk! by Duumu & ÊMIA Tied and twisted Something in my chest is skipping With you, now my whole world’s different Guess I can’t go back now Tunnel vision Now […]

Pelago – Safe Place Lyrics

Safe Place by Pelago ft. Maximus Once upon a time i went away To my safe place where i stay all day When i feel like getting closer to myself […]

Katelyn Tarver – Young Lyrics

Young by Katelyn Tarver Spilling wine on the carpet In your Melrose apartment Caught up in the emotion Go back just for a moment Making out on your sofa Put […]

Logic - No Pressure Freestyle Lyrics

Logic – No Pressure Freestyle Lyrics

No Pressure Freestyle by Logic You already know what it is Ayo, I never had a car‚ that’s why I hate the f------ bus Took the 61 to Germantown and hear them guns […]

Kevin Gates – No More Lyrics

No More by Kevin Gates Don’t give up, no matter how rough, just don’t give up (yea) I’m living like that, I ain’t lost my touch Wanna be around you […]

Declan McKenna – British Bombs Lyrics

British Bombs by Declan McKenna Great snakes, are we moving already? Good gravy, did you say it cost a penny or two for you? We’re talking ’bout the bad start My baby brother has […]

Yungeen Ace – Freestyle Lyrics

Freestyle by Yungeen Ace Lately my mind been drifting away and I’m thinking I’m faded, I’m faded You said that you loved me, but stabbed me in my heart and […]