Maxo Kream - She Live Lyrics

Maxo Kream – She Live Lyrics

She Live Lyrics by Maxo Kream I need- I- I- I need a Nicki like Safaree, redbone in red Ferrari Sneakin’, geekin’ off that molly, cute face, I bought her […]

Maxo Kream - 8 Figures Lyrics

Maxo Kream – Change Lyrics

8 Figures Lyrics by Maxo Kream D.A. got that dope When you get some money, whatchu ‘gon do with it? Put the money up, or act a fool with it […]

Maxo Kream - Change Lyrics

Maxo Kream – Change Lyrics

Change Lyrics by Maxo Kream How can you blame a n----? I swear that money it change a n---- When I got money, it changed some n----- I bust down […]

Maxo Kream – Bissonnet Lyrics

Bissonnet Lyrics by Maxo Kream Emeks, come here man, sit down man Get that gansta s--- off your head man, what’s wrong with you man? That blue bandana man, what […]

Maxo Kream – Meet Again Lyrics

Meet Again Lyrics by Maxo Kream Free J Lo, free One Time, free Lil CBD Ayy, free Lil Wannabe, ayy, free Montana C Ayy, free J Money, ayy, free Fauni […]

Maxo Kream – The Relays Lyrics

The Relays Lyrics by Maxo Kream (feat. Travis Scott) D.A. got that dope On the flo’ Make them girls get down on the flo’ On the flo’ A man gon’ […]

Lil Durk – Bougie Lyrics

Bougie Lyrics by Lil Durk (feat. Meek Mill) When I made it rich, I went and bought a Bentley, b---- (B----) Walk into Saks Fifth like, “Give me that and […]

Chase B – MAYDAY Lyrics

MAYDAY Lyrics by Chase B (ft. Sheck Wes, Young Thug) I’m going dumb in a moshpit (B----) If I’m out in the crowd, I lost it (Yeah) I can’t close […]

Nas – Beautiful Life Lyrics

Beautiful Life Lyrics by Nas (Feat. RaVaughn) Peace y’all, yeah This one right here goes to my most loyal, loyal, loyal, loyal ones You for me and me for you […]

Nas – QueensBridge Politics Lyrics

QueensBridge Politics Lyrics by Nas Talking to this cutie on facetime Trying to figure out if she gon’ give me that face time I don’t wanna tour, I wanna chill […]

Nas – It Never Ends Lyrics

It Never Ends Lyrics by Nas Buckets like Gilligan Still I peep reptilians in the Filligan Blendin’ in, my quintillion ton brain Got me revealing men Quintessential Queensbridge poet back […]

Nas – Queens Wolf Lyrics

Queens Wolf Lyrics by Nas At fourteen tried out for the ball team Junior high, they denied me I shot bricks that made the backboard scream Fightin’ Italian rival gangs, […]

Nas – Highly Favored Lyrics

Highly Favored Lyrics by Nas Patient My fate is highly favored by the father, love to all Rest in peace to Zhanu, the barber brought cases Celebrate and take us […]

Nas – The Art of It Lyrics

The Art of It Lyrics by Nas (Feat. J. Myers) Fire spitter, I ain’t never met a higher n---- Me extinguished is like Queensbridge fiendless Mansion, marble foyer I can […]

Nas – War Against Love Lyrics

War Against Love Lyrics by Nas Wassup, African? Wassup, African? Yo the Haiti, Barbados, Bahamas, Grenada The war is against love, we under attack Paris, Pyar, St. Thomas, Dior The […]

Nas – Adult Film Lyrics

Adult Film Lyrics by Nas F--- outta here, second guessin’ our love D--- Tracy, detective, inspectin’ hoes need a hug You need to detect this d---, get your a-- out […]