Leonard Cohen – The Hills Lyrics

The Hills By Leonard Cohen I can’t make the hills The system is shot I’m living on pills For which I thank God My animal howls My angel’s upset But […]

Quando Rondo – Shorty Lyrics

Shorty By Quando Rondo Ooh no you know.. And we gon f---… Beverly Centre, Bentley Coupe, she in the parking lot Just like these rounds in my .40 Glock imma […]

King Princess – Back of a Cab Lyrics

Back of a Cab By King Princess “There’s only one word for it: terrific.” “You know, I’m so proud of it it’s almost indecent of me.” “Would you tell us, […]

King Princess – Forget About It Lyrics

Forget About It By King Princess It’s better when the week ends I’m sleeping through week days And you’re thinking ’bout if your friends and my friends could be friends […]

Violent Soho – Lying On The Floor Lyrics

Lying On The Floor By Violent Soho I don’t wanna be a photograph They’re like handing out brochures, that a rapture is close I don’t want your philosophy Nothing changes […]

Harry Styles – Big Yellow Taxi Lyrics

Big Yellow Taxi By Harry Styles (Originally By Joni Mitchell) They paved paradise and put up a parking lot With a pink hotel, a boutique, and a swingin’ hot spot […]

Machine Head – Circle The Drain Lyrics

Circle The Drain By Machine Head I needed to start running away We’re no good, it’s me I’m trying to save Treading water we’re just numbing the pain Spinning round […]

Feid – BORRAXXA Lyrics

BORRAXXA By Feid, Manuel Turizo Tú siempre me amenazas Llegas con el mismo cuento, que te vas de casa Mis besos de hacen falta No te puede’ dar un trago porque vuelves y me […]

Willie Gomez – Tu Lógica Lyrics

Tu Lógica By Willie Gomez Que curioso ahora verte por acá Reclamando cosas que unos días atrás Tu venías haciendo Se te olvida que nada es casualidad Todo lo qué […]

Jesse Baez – Mientes Lyrics

Mientes By Jesse Baez Decime Lido, ¿qué pasó? Dime, ¿quien te entiende? Dices, ¿que me amas? Dime, ¿quien te entiende? Dice que odia el drama Dime ¿quien te entiende? Que quiere estar conmigo […]