Nicole Bus – Rain Lyrics

Rain By Nicole Bus Lyrics Years passed by You don’t know on my mind I wished things could go back to the Normal days, summer nights What’s on your mind […]

Nicole Bus – Love It Lyrics

Love It By Nicole Bus Lyrics From my heart to the mountain From the valley to the sea When you look at a woman There’s so much you don’t see […]

Nicole Bus – You Lyrics

You By Nicole Bus Lyrics That man is fine, many find yeah So fine that’s why he’s mine yeah Real cute like Idris Elba So smooth like Ghost from Power […]

Nicole Bus – Comfort Me Lyrics

Comfort Me By Nicole Bus Lyrics Honestly, pardon me Intellectual robbery Turn up in the club Who’s turning up morality? Good vibes bad vibes No accountability Creeping through the back […]

Nicole Bus - Unchanging Lyrics

Nicole Bus – Unchanging Lyrics

Unchanging By Nicole Bus Lyrics May I have a word with you? Now that it’s just me and you Sometimes I’m afraid you know I know you know that’s why […]

Nicole Bus – 411 Lyrics

411 By Nicole Bus Lyrics I guess we’ve all seen and been threw All the stuff we talked about before Rocky told me 411 so let me tell you my […]

Nicole Bus – Mr. Big Shot Lyrics

Mr. Big Shot By Nicole Bus Lyrics Truth is, nothing really matters to you Walking around in a cell above you Passing by, nothing ever seems new Oh, walk on, […]

Nicole Bus – SOS Lyrics

SOS By Nicole Bus Lyrics Walking down this long road I don’t know if I will come home Seeking out the answers but it doesn’t really matter anymore And if […]

Melii – LA Lyrics

LA By Melii Lyrics Te estoy amando I be out in L.A. En Los Ángeles (OG Parker) In L.A., in L.A. En la noche Melii ¿A dónde está? (Menoh) I’ve […]

Melii – Paris Lyrics

Paris By Melii Lyrics Lo conocí yo en París And he was in it for the money and the b------ and the fashion Heart colder than a m-----------, never had […]

Melii – Here We Go Again Lyrics

Here We Go Again By Melii Lyrics Here we go again You been sneaking, I was scoopin’ b------ in the Benz You been f-----’, I’ve been acting like you’re innocent […]

Upchurch – So Brooklyn Remix Lyrics

So Brooklyn Remix By Upchurch Lyrics He’s comin’ with nothin’ but fire Fire, fire, fire Fire and then after that I seen him comin’ around the corner with another stack […]

Skott – Midas Lyrics

Midas By Skott Lyrics Midas You’ve got me thinking ’bout the story You’ve everything you ever wanted But will you ever get to hold me Doesn’t it get lonely And […]

​gabriel black – Dorothy Lyrics

Dorothy By ​gabriel black Lyrics So tell me, is it worth it? So tell me, is it worth it? Secret handshakes in my sheets I ain’t changed them since that […]

​gabriel black – Flames Lyrics

Flames By ​gabriel black Lyrics I’ve been walking through the flames at night And I can’t stand your sight forever I’ve been walking through the flames at night And I […]

​gabriel black – Crystal cage Lyrics

Crystal cage By ​gabriel black Lyrics Yeah, gabriel black (Ha) Yeah Got a brand new house, slightly used whip That s--- cost me bank Probably sound so lit But I’m […]