Nas – Who Are You Lyrics

Who Are You Lyrics by Nas (Feat. David Ranier) Heard you got your master’s, did college up Never looked back, now that’s what’s happening And it’s good to see you […]

Nas – Royalty Lyrics

Royalty Lyrics by Nas (Feat. RaVaughn) Whatever you do, young king, don’t wind up dead (Wind up dead) Young queen, cross your legs (Cross your legs) Put a crown on […]

Nas – Tanasia Lyrics

Tanasia Lyrics by Nas Tanasia, Tanasia If you’re not from Queensbridge, then you must be from Asia Never knew a love like this before, who said you was just a […]

Nas – Lost Freestyle Lyrics

Lost Freestyle Lyrics by Nas [Angela Bofill & Nas] In our younger days we were so in love And the thought of losing you was enough Can’t lose me Who […]

Nas – No Bad Energy Lyrics

No Bad Energy Lyrics by Nas I’m oblivious to you skeptics What you hear you ain’t ever hear ’til I repped it Iridescent heroes essence, please clear the exits I […]

Nas – Vernon Family Lyrics

Vernon Family Lyrics by Nas Literally rich, this Nas, sick Still woulda hit a enemy with a TEC in nine-six Exotic material on the neck and fly whips I was […]

IDER – Saddest Generation Lyrics

Saddest Generation Lyrics by IDER You told me you didn’t love me, I said that you did You sad m-----------, you sad m----------- You made me a bike and you […]

Brittany Howard – Stay High Lyrics

Stay High Lyrics by Brittany Howard I already feel like doing it again, honey ‘Cause once you know, then you know And you don’t wanna go Back to wherever it […]

Miranda Lambert – Locomotive Lyrics

Locomotive Lyrics by Miranda Lambert I’m like a locomotive, I don’t run out of steam I’m headed toward the reservoir and I’m gonna need a drink I ain’t no Napa […]

Ross Golan - Stay Positive Lyrics

Ross Golan – Stay Positive Lyrics

Stay Positive Lyrics by Ross Golan Wanted a new day, wanted a new start Wanted to wake up the following day with someone else’s heart Beating and beating in my […]

Aaron Smith – Unspoken Lyrics

Unspoken Lyrics by Aaron Smith Don’t hold your breath Like  I’m not scared Like  I want you to trust me Don’t waste your time ‘Cause you’re not mine I  wish […]

MAX – Acid Dreams Lyrics

Acid Dreams Lyrics by MAX (Verse 1 MAX) You look so good in that night gown girl Freckles on your face let me kiss each one Fingers in your waist […]

Freya Ridings – Unconditional Lyrics

Unconditional Lyrics by Freya Ridings Stay with me, darling Stay with me, darling Let us lose ourselves in the moonlight Lose ourselves As we find That there’s nothing I could […]

Red Hearse – Half Love Lyrics

Half Love Lyrics by Red Hearse You feel it coming, don’t want to [?] So sick of frontin’, stand up in front of it ‘Cause I don’t wanna waste no […]

Lil Tecca – Bossanova Lyrics

Bossanova Lyrics by Lil Tecca Yeah, oh my, oh my god Oh my, oh my god, oh my Oh my, oh my god, oh my Oh my (uh, uh-uh-uh-uh) (Nick, […]