​gabriel black – Blues Skies Lyrics

Blues Skies By ​gabriel black Lyrics Yeah, my throat’s on fire tonight ‘Cause I smoked so many cigarettes Mama say: “You better quit them s----” You want a tube through […]

​gabriel black – dead yet Lyrics

dead yet By ​gabriel black Lyrics There ain’t nothing goin’ on ’round here tonight You passed out on me, I guess I’ll hit the lights Is this all we do? […]

James Arthur – Unconditionally Lyrics

Unconditionally By James Arthur Lyrics She said, “It’s all your fault” I said, “It always is” She sang my favorite song But with a little twist Her lipstick, you collar, […]

Anna Wise – Juice Lyrics

Juice By Anna Wise Lyrics Fly fast down furrowing brow Break bread with shamans Show way to others but give them space Does the fruit give you its juice Squeeze […]

Anna Wise – Mirror Lyrics

Mirror By Anna Wise Lyrics Our love will be louder Than if the mountains fall Still much louder! Feeling so much joy Like I was louder I was louder I […]

Anna Wise – Nerve Lyrics

Nerve By Anna Wise Lyrics I’m not gonna play the safe side Feeling all of my pride fading Steady reaching for a moment Where I’m feeling like I’m fully in […]

Anna Wise – Abracadabra Lyrics

Abracadabra By Anna Wise Lyrics I wanted to believe you But I was unsure so I moved slow up the ladder I was careful but it didn’t matter Cuz you […]

Anna Wise – Blue Rose Lyrics

Blue Rose By Anna Wise Lyrics We drank we smoked And both cunningly softened the knots I was holding onto old belief’s And taking too long to leap It’s all […]

Kash Doll – Stacked (Album Tracklist)

Artist: Kash Doll Release Date: October 18, 2019 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Tracklist: 01. KD Diary 02. Ready Set 03. So Amazing 04. Paid B------ 05. Ice Me Out 06. Kitten 07. […]

Kash Doll – 100 of Us Lyrics

100 of Us By Kash Doll Lyrics It’s a cold world but it’s warmin’ up We ain’t got no choice but to run it up It ain’t just one it’s […]