Dream State – Open Windows Lyrics

Open Windows by Dream State Bleeding out my pockets, just to try and save your neck Unless you can afford it then we can’t help you she said You’re not […]

Signs Of The Swarm – Tempting Death Lyrics

Tempting Death by Signs Of The Swarm Death, still I beckon thee Embrace me with your grandeur This mental crucifixion leaves me desolate and cursed Eternally forsaken Profound misery Tormented […]

The Growlers – Foghorn Town Lyrics

Foghorn Town by The Growlers Foghorn Town, where the flowers can’t bloom The girls and the boys are beautiful and doomed Dead ends all around with nothing for to do […]

NEMESEA – White Flag Lyrics

White Flag by NEMESEA Can you feel it, feel it The wind is haunting us tonight She will push us, taunt us Make sure we won’t compromise So all that […]


QUESTIONS by XAM (feat. Cameron Philip) Excuse me teacher I got a couple questions Tell me why my only decent feature is depression? Tell me why I’m always aiming for […]

Arlissa – Running Lyrics

Running by Arlissa When I close my eyes You’re the centre of the world You’re all alone and I got nothin’ on But everybody’s looking for the things I said […]

BLINDSPOT – The Right Swipe Lyrics

The Right Swipe by BLINDSPOT If you find yourself single mate Can’t find a single date All your friends have been hooking up Or they’ve already found their love I […]

BBG Baby Joe - Hot Boy Lyrics

BBG Baby Joe – Hot Boy Lyrics

Hot Boy by BBG Baby Joe You better recognize a gangster right here in your face And I got way worse so when I jumped up out the cage I’m […]

BBG Baby Joe – Letter To Boo Lyrics

Letter To Boo by BBG Baby Joe Gang PlugOz on the beat Ayy, that’s that Baby Joe s---, you heard me? S---, all you need is me, all I need is you, you […]

Fredo Bang – Dawg Gone Lyrics

Dawg Gone by Fredo Bang Hello? Man, you lyin’, get the f--- off my line with that s--- True story I was stuck up in the cell, I heard Carter […]

SOB X RBE – Legend Lyrics

Legend by SOB X RBE Ha, and I’ma die a legend, I put that on my grave Fifty whole bands, b----, I put that on my chain N----- say they […]

MIKA – Tiny Love Lyrics

Tiny Love by MIKA It’s not a sunrise over canyons shaped like hearts It isn’t bursting into song in Central Park It’s not the outline of your face drawn in the stars It’s a […]

Julie Bergan – Crazy Enough Lyrics

Crazy Enough by Julie Bergan Hey, we were 17 yesterday Well, at least it kinda felt that way Now we’re standing at the station Waiting and waiting like something will suddenly change We […]

MIDLO – Emotional Lyrics

Emotional by MIDLO (Feat. Renata Baiocco) Only you know, only you know, what’s in my head Don’t let it show, don’t let it show to all of our friends Surrounded […]

Gremlin – Love Me Lyrics

Love Me by Gremlin I dont think that you should ever come close I always seem to hurt the ones I love most You want all of me I’m gonna […]

Friendly Fires – Offline Lyrics

Offline by Friendly Fires (with Friend Within) I feel like going offline Breaking bad habits, one at a time I think it’s worth another try Got a new direction, aim […]