Kilo Kish – BOTH SIDES Lyrics

BOTH SIDES By Kilo Kish I gave you who I am Like you could understand This life is sweet as lemon Do we ever wake up? Hoping, hoping I found […]

FEVER 333 – VANDALS Lyrics

VANDALS By FEVER 333 Vandals take back what we should The future is scary, ugly, evil, ugh Get these police out my hood The future is scary, ugly, evil, ugh […]

Younger Hunger – Second Best Lyrics

Second Best By Younger Hunger My lips are wondering Can they speak my mind We’re sick of suffering Your silence is unkind It’s gettin’ harder To wait for you outside […]

Darell – No Vuelvas Más Lyrics

No Vuelvas Más By Darell Ladies and gentleman For English, press 1 For Spanish, press 2 I’m here with the Lil Geniuz Listen to me No vuelva’ ma’ No vuelva’ […]

Matoma – Keep It Simple Lyrics

Keep It Simple By Matoma We lost our love Somewhere in the darkness over yonder Somewhere in the tall grass undercover I don’t wanna feel that way again I wanna […]

Bear’s Den – Longhope Lyrics

Longhope By Bear’s Den Don’t leave her hanging around, she won’t wait there forever Has a cat got your tongue? Are words locked in your lungs? Just breathe in and […]


One By BROTHERS OF METAL The path that I am walking Leads astray And the mead I’m drinking takes Me nowhere Spirit and heart lost in time Who am I […]

Sauce Walka – Texas Cyclone Lyrics

Texas Cyclone By Sauce Walka Yeah, yeah In time, n---- sittin’ tired on the 45 on my high drive Headline, n----, headline Sit back, get a headline, yeah Drop out […]

Anti-Flag – Unbreakable Lyrics

Unbreakable By Anti-Flag When I get knocked down I get back up again yeah Right by my family and my friends yeah A vicious culture leaders lost in life Fueled […]

Masego – Favorite Tings Lyrics

Favorite Tings By Masego Listen Raindrops and roses and whiskers and kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Brown paper packages tied up with strings These are a few […]

Cosima – Close To You (Moonlighting) Lyrics

Close To You (Moonlighting) By Cosima You were someone cruel moonlighting as someone tender And you were someone high moonlighting as someone with feelings Oh, I was someone smart moonlighting […]