Dave East – Devil Eyes Lyrics

Devil Eyes By Dave East Ayy, cuz, Nixon disrespect will not be tolerated in the Dirt, n---- That’s how you end up on a shirt, cuz (The Mekanix) That’s on 39th Street, n---- Stay […]

Dave East – Baby Lyrics

Baby By Dave East Ooh, I think of you with pride And I keep you satisfied, oh, baby Oh, baby When times got hard, you had your boy with no stress (No) Love is […]

Dave East – Seventeen Lyrics

Seventeen By Dave East F--- you (F--- you), f--- you (F--- you) Thinkin’ back when I was only seventeen Thinkin’ back when I was only seventeen (Reminiscing) Thinkin’ back when I was only seventeen […]

Dave East – Penthouse ft. J. Black Lyrics

Penthouse By Dave East This view is everything S---, I could get used to this Curtains wide open, let the sun shine You know I gotta f--- you like this sometimes She was walkin’ […]

Yungeen Ace – Use Me Lyrics

Use Me By Yungeen Ace Sometimes people don’t be feeling like I’m human or something Like they don’t think I’m human because of everything I’ve been through I still got […]

Yungeen Ace – Step Harder Lyrics

Step Harder By Yungeen Ace He said when he catch me he gonna shake somethin But when ATK spin it’s a murder one We got drako’s we tommy guns I’m […]