Yungeen Ace – Melvin Baby Lyrics

Melvin Baby By Yungeen Ace I was born hardheaded 7163 I’m a Melvin Baby Cold winter b---- I won’t run away We got them choppas I come where you stay […]

TRIBL – Refiner Lyrics

Refiner By TRIBL (feat. Chandler Moore and Steffany Gretzinger) If the altar’s where you meet us Take me there, take me there If you’re looking for an offering It’s right […]

G Herbo – Can’t Sleep Lyrics

Can’t Sleep By G Herbo Kill a street n---- get a dime Kill a rap n---- get a dub Uh, I heard you Kodak They be like, “Aye, Herb, we […]

nba youngboy – lost motives Lyrics

lost motives by nba youngboy For to fall, they been waitin’ on me I know that’s what they all say Live it up, they been hatin’ on me I ain’t trippin’ ’cause we […]

Yungeen Ace – Come Get Me Lyrics

Come Get Me By Yungeen Ace Round of applause for all my top steppers Real s--- tho’ (Ouuu) They said I change I’m not the same I’m steady going through […]

Tori Kelly – Minute To Myself Lyrics

Minute To Myself By Tori Kelly You are there when no one else is You move my hair when it’s in my eyes You don’t care when I act out I’m still the […]

Clara Mae – Unmiss You Lyrics

Unmiss You By Clara Mae Leaving the lights on if you wanna drop by Even my phone’s on if you feel like calling me later tonight Keeping the bed warm, I do Though it’s […]

Yungeen Ace – In Love Lyrics

In Love By Yungeen Ace ft. Dej Loaf I ain’t gonna lie everything was perfect when I first met her Two lovers walking on red rose pedals All day up […]

Lil Mosey – Kari’s World Lyrics

Kari’s World By Lil Mosey I stacked my chips, runnin’ to the bank now (To the bank now) Used to pop them s----, don’t feel the same now (Uh) Kari […]

Lil Mosey – Never Scared Lyrics

Never Scared By Lil Mosey Yeah, yeah, oh Ayy, Royce (Oh) Ayy, Royce (Oh) Ayy, Royce (Oh) Ayy, Royce, you did it right here Rich n---- to the right, you […]

Lil Mosey – Bankroll Lyrics

Bankroll By Lil Mosey She want some fun, yeah Fly her to London Ayy Royce, you did it right here Doubled up my bankroll (Bankroll) Gucci socks, my pants fall […]