awakebutstillinbed – far Lyrics

far Lyrics by awakebutstillinbed

if we drive far enough
will our lives not fall apart?
are we
fast enough to outrun who we are?
cause i can’t hear my own thoughts
over the stereo
and i can’t see the world
beyond the road

two months to go
and you wish you were home
but i can’t follow
it’s a long road
you’ll figure out your own
difference is a hard pill to swallow
so i let you go
it’s sad but i don’t know
this is my one hope
it’s a rough path
i can’t do it alone
and time is a hard thing to borrow

i’m immersed within a fog again
i don’t know what i want
but it’s not for you to be another
thing i’m running away from
what’s the point of doing this
if i lose my best friend to it

i can’t fix this
but i can’t accept it either
i just can’t stand the thought
of being reduced to
coughing up a fabricated sweetness
smiling with a red dot on my chest
laughing with your hands around my neck
making peace with knowing i’ll spend all my days
waiting until my senses fade away

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