Aystar – Both Blocks Lyrics

Both Blocks Lyrics – Aystar (feat. Tiny Boost)

I remember being O.T. just living in a punter’s
Just me and Gary on the couch
I used to tell him “Keep that work in your bum cheeks bro”
Cause he kept keeping work in his mouth
Trap yard, I be airing it out
Cause there’s too much smoke but I’m there in a drought
Cause there’s too much dough
Used to go and grab bro at like eight in the morning
Then serve it about, all I wanted was dough
Since a kid I always knew I’m gonna blow
If I didn’t think that then I never woulda rapped
Half the people spitting now haven’t even got no flow
These niggas are just desperate for fame
Put some respect on my name
I’ve been killing it for years and I still act the same
Sometimes I feel to switch it up and start fucking up the game
Switching, start acting like these muppets
Start begging it with everyone
Doing tunes with little nerds just to get a few views
Fuck that, I’d rather leggy one
Violate me, that’s a heavy one
These niggas know better, Headie One
I’ll get out in my all black mask in all black whip
Catch an opp and I’ll bury one

[Verse 2 – Tiny Boost]
Real G till they bury me
I’m on the M-way cruising with this blow like Penelope
Got my hands on this weaponry
If I slide Ay they gon’ buy a whole load of Hennessy
And pour it till there’s nothing in the bottle
Everyone’s a G till they’re staring down the nozzle
That’s why I don’t believe ’em
When these suckers come around I seek freedom
If you ain’t foreign we ain’t speaking
Where I’m from niggas squeeze without reason
Pepper something like it’s on season
P.T.S.D., I need treatment
Gang life turned me to a demon
Jacked like sticks, set ’em up, I ain’t stealing
Trap life, you ever seen a crack pipe steaming?
Or a dope fiend leaning?
When it comes to the D’s, I still bob, I still weave ’em
Cover up my tracks like I put cheap weave in
I treat the scene like hoes, I just bang then I’m leaving
No limit, no ceilings, can’t stop, won’t stop
Yellow bricks on the road represent both blocks
Birds eye view, hit him with a drone shot
Birds fly too, welcome to the dope spot
Drop the coke off, call that a blowjob
Walk up, get close then I knock your nose off