Billymaree – Bonnie Lyrics

Lyrics to Bonnie by Billymaree

Bonnie, Bonnie
You so naughty
Tempting me with your body
Don’t get me started
Now we rocking after parties
And touching bodies
You the only one I want yeah
The one I want yeah
Peruvian baddie got me down all bad
I’m stuck in your trap and so entranced
Just like that
Moving it back and forth
Undressing my soul
In love with you from a distance
Got to know
This could be yours for a lifetime
Eternity in moments
Just pass by
Just envisioning our love
And I can see the vision so clear
So girl don’t ask why

Bonnie, Bonnie
Yeah you so naughty
I just want to be your vice
I can’t deny yeah
You’re the one that gets me high
Then gets beside me
Baby I just wanna slide
Gonna slide in

Bonnie, Bonnie
Yeah you so naughty
Tempting me with that body
At after parties
We touching
And you got me started
The fire burning
I feel myself just getting hotter
No don’t you stop now
I was new in town
You were settled down
I said I could come through if you’d like me to
Don’t get scared now
If you wanna talk to me
You just gotta run it straight
You just gotta take them things off text and say them to my face
I could really take you down
If you’d really like that now
If you wanna take it there
Promise I will take good care
Wanna get you comfortable
Late at night get vulnerable
Tell me what you’ve done before
I could touch deep in your soul
Don’t let it go, don’t let it die
Don’t let it fade away
Don’t pretend that you’re happy
Baby come see me today
It’s just gon be a me and you thing
Baby can’t you see
You can leave him waiting at the crib
Then come and get with me

Bonnie, Bonnie
Yeah you so naughty
Doing things
Oh with that body
Girl don’t you stop me
Wont promise that I’m in love yet
But I’m aware now
That you’re the one my heart just calls for
Yeah I ain’t scared now
Oh oh

Bonnie, Bonnie
Yeah you so naughty
Tempting me with that fine body
Girl don’t you stop me
I’m searching for you in the night time
When we devise time
Doing things with your body
Girl don’t you stop me
You so, you so, you so, you soyeah you so
Bonnie baby Bonnie baby
Bonnie you’re so naughty baby

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