Bizzy Banks – No Passes Lyrics

No Passes Lyrics – Bizzy Banks

‘Ppreciate you
Get Money
Had to get back in that old bag
Grrah-grrah, boom, grrah-grrah (Like)

[?] chop’, can’t mad when I tote it
I don’t care, let it blast in the open
I told bro, “We ain’t givin’ no passes”
They start runnin’ ’cause he started throwin’
It get lit [?] in a moment
Yeah, they know who gon’ put it in motion
Create these waves, bitch, I’m the whole ocean
She on my dick, she say I keep her soakin’, like
It get messy
She a squirter, she fuck up the bed sheet, uh
Don’t test me
Niggas know me, I always keep [?]
Is you ready?
Don’t shake, boy, you gotta aim steady
.45, yeah, shit throwin’ out deadies
You get me?
I’m a EBK baby for real (Everybody K), like, look
Get him slimed out
Caught a opp, [?] timed out
Only tough wit’ your mans, let me find out
Free Sturdy, they gotta let mine out
Go spin for the gang, that’s try-outs
Free bro, yeah, they gotta let [?] out
Get Back Gang, I just sent a kite out
Yeah, I just send a kite out, like, look
We don’t miss
For my dawg, I’ma turn to John Wick
Get him hit
In a spliff
Till they dead I ain’t tryna diss (At all)
How they come home and just get on my dick?
Oh yeah, ’cause they link wit’ them kids
He do not know I’m the reason he’s lit
What’s the word? You wanna spin? Like, like, look
I’m the topic
Take a broke nigga’ bitch to the tropics
Then come back to the hood playin’ my shit
I been trappin’ since you [?]
Your man ain’t got shit on my side bitch
Purchase some guns, don’t spend it on fly shit
Your man ain’t got shit on my side bitch
Purchase some guns, don’t spend it on fly shit, like, look, like
And I’m still on the block with it
Yeah, I’m still movin’ hot with it
You can’t talk hot if you not with it
‘Cause you gon’ be mad if them shots hit him, like
Can’t stop me
I be humble but I could get cocky
[?] money on me, I’m like, “Copy”
She wanna kick it but it’s not karate
I’m not your baby boy, you not [?] (Bitch)
You got me?
Secure his mobile, free Choppy
You know I [?] for real
[?] do movies for real
Fuck CJ, call up Whoopties for real
Even though I’m Sleazy
Walk in the spot like Eminem, yeah (Ha-ha)
You know the drill
Y’all link wit’ these niggas or is it just music?
Please let me know ’cause I’m ready boom it
I’m EBK, let me know what we doin’
I’m on the block and I’m posted like [?]
[?] like my niggas losin’ (What?)
That shit be confusin’
I need the drugs that these niggas usin’
They be rappin’ and thinkin’ they shootin’ (Thinkin’ they shootin’)

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