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Category: ​contradash

contradash - blocked Lyrics

contradash – blocked Lyrics

blocked Lyrics – contradash Tell me how’d I get got, flip-flopped on me Told me, “Kick rocks, get lost, homie” It’s a sick plot, it flopped on me Told me, […]

contradash - ​hi neighbor​ Lyrics

contradash – ​hi neighbor​ Lyrics

​hi neighbor​ Lyrics – contradash Bottle of peace, killing me softly It’s not like me to be telling you often It’s like you and me, we never turn off, man […]

contradash - wayout Lyrics

contradash – wayout Lyrics

wayout Lyrics – contradash I told her what up with it? She tell me, “Where that call?” No matter what I say and no matter when I call I’m tryna […]

contradash - pajamas Lyrics

contradash – pajamas Lyrics

pajamas Lyrics – contradash Tell me what you want Hide what you don’t, lil’ mama It’s not my concern and I promise Only ’round at night like pajamas Hope this […]

contradash - ​favorite color Lyrics

contradash – ​favorite color Lyrics

​favorite color Lyrics – contradash Wasting time now Wasting time now But how often you waste your time? I’m a little bit surprised that you hate that time we had […]

contradash - ​​come​ w me Lyrics

contradash – ​​come​ w/ me Lyrics

​come​ w/ me Lyrics – contradash Can’t run, my shoes tied together We’ll see if you survive the weather Don’t feel like you could hide it better Don’t feel like […]