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Category: ​iann dior

iann dior – who cares Lyrics

who cares Lyrics By iann dior But who cares? Not a damn soul And that’s why I haha (Nick you’re stupid) Can’t get over it now, (Why?) won’t get over […]

iann dior – molly Lyrics

molly Lyrics By iann dior (ft. bernard jabs) [Bernard Jabs] Mic check, one, two, aye, aye Mic check, one, two, aye, aye, aye [iann dior & Bernard Jabs] Me and […]

iann dior – emotions Lyrics

emotions Lyrics By iann dior In my head, she said it’s all in my head (My head) But it’s not, think I’d rather be dead (Be dead) Can’t forgive or […]

​iann dior – Romance361 Lyrics

Romance361 Lyrics by ​iann dior [iann dior] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [iann dior] Every time we f---, got me thinking that you down When I sober up, it’s like you […]