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Category: ​iann dior

Iann Dior - Too Much Lyrics

Iann Dior – Too Much Lyrics

Too Much Lyrics By Iann Dior Ay KBeazy, you fyed up Life change I stay the same always, yeah That bitch wanna come and kick it We gon’ kick it […]

iann dior - Paradise Lyrics

iann dior – Paradise Lyrics

Paradise By iann dior Woah, oh, oh-oh Nights filled with rum and coke I’m a sinner in the flesh Make decisions that are dumb, but it’s fuck it now Do […]

iann dior - Pretty Girls Lyrics

iann dior – Pretty Girls Lyrics

Pretty Girls By iann dior   (Oh no, no) Don’t waste my time Hundred missed calls, you cryin’ Why you always hit my line, with the same ol’ lies? Pretty […]

iann dior - Sickness Lyrics

iann dior – Sickness Lyrics

Sickness By iann dior I can never get a break from it no, woah Now everyone’s the same, like a sickness to my brain I won’t let ’em get me, […]

iann dior - Shameless Lyrics

iann dior – Shameless Lyrics

Shameless By iann dior Uh-uh Yeah, yeah, yeah Woah, uh I live a rockstar lifestyle, always gettin’ wasted, yeah Baddie in my mansion, askin’ how she wanna play Lay it […]

iann dior - Psycho Lyrics

iann dior – Psycho Lyrics

Psycho By iann dior Can you speak my language? Add it up, add it up, add it up (Uh) Naked women walk the hallways (Hallways) Life gets twisted when you’re […]