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Category: Adam Jensen

Adam Jensen - Kerosene Lyrics

Adam Jensen – Kerosene Lyrics

Kerosene Lyrics – Adam Jensen I’m at my worst When I’m faced with myself Cannot be somebody Cannot be somebody else You left me alone Now I’m whiskey and bones […]

Adam Jensen – Don’t Care Lyrics

Don’t Care By Adam Jensen (Hey! Hey!) I’m a boozehound, poison you Fingerprints on the telephone booth We can get higher We can get higher The whiskey prince is back […]

Adam Jensen – Pretty Please Lyrics

Pretty Please by Adam Jensen Can’t help thinking ’bout the good days My love when that we fade away Let it on reply Sleep of down on one way street […]

Adam Jensen – Tombstone Lyrics

Keep me out the sunshine You know I can’t breathe in the daytime Not another fight song Drinkin in the dark with the blinds drawn Where the fucks my mind […]

Adam Jensen - Drugs Lyrics

Adam Jensen – Drugs Lyrics

[Verse 1] Her heart is plastic Only says she loves me When we’re dropping acid [Verse 2] Her love is tragic It’s right in front of me But I could […]