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Category: Adam Melchor

Adam Melchor – HELP YOURSELF Lyrics

HELP YOURSELF By Adam Melchor You got so angry that you couldn’t think So you just sat there and wallowed Hungry and hollow Why don’t you just swallow your pride? […]

Adam Melchor – 30 MINUTES Lyrics

30 MINUTES By Adam Melchor I drove 30 minutes just to drive back 30 minutes Guess it’s just an hour of my life Wishing you were in it while the […]

Adam Melchor – STICK IT OUT Lyrics

STICK IT OUT By Adam Melchor When it’s lunch for me It’s dinnertime for her When I go to sleep She hears the early morning birds Even when she cannot […]

Adam Melchor – BUZZER BEATER Lyrics

BUZZER BEATER By Adam Melchor Tried to hear the buzzer beater Before the clock ran out A desperation shot to see if this could work somehow There’s no pactorina(?) standing […]

Adam Melchor – I CHOOSE YOU Lyrics

I CHOOSE YOU By Adam Melchor Wish that I could say I’d never forget a face The truth is since I met you My mind’s been going up in space Walked through my […]

Adam Melchor – Joyride Lyrics

Joyride Lyrics by Four Tet Someone stole the Chevy from the driveway Bet  you woulda let it go for free You  said they wouldn’t make it to the highway Let […]