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Category: Alex Aiono

Alex Aiono – Better Me Lyrics

Better Me Lyrics by Alex Aiono ft. Mashd N Kutcher Running away, I had no breaks Making the same mistakes I take the blame, for every day But I’m going […]

Alex Aiono – Her Lyrics

Her Lyrics by Alex Aiono You used to visit me when I was in the city I wasn’t perfect but you still were messing with me No doubt you never […]

Alex Aiono – As You Need Lyrics

As You Need Lyrics by Alex Aiono [Alex Aiono] Do you remember the night we met? All of the things I said, I still mean them You told me you […]

Alex Aiono – Big Mistake Lyrics

Big Mistake by Alex Aiono Released : 2018 Woke up in a daze got me feeling so strange We’re so damn far from that honeymoon phase Taught you how to […]

Alex Aiono – One At A Time Lyrics

One At A Time by Alex Aiono (with T-Pain) strong> Released : 2017 Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah Obviously […]