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Category: Alexandra Savior

Alexandra Savior – Saving Grace Lyrics

Saving Grace By Alexandra Savior Saving grace Come here to betray me again She’d never say a thing That she don’t mean again I’m waiting here for the lioness to […]

Alexandra Savior – Howl Lyrics

Howl By Alexandra Savior It’s a little dangerous When you come treading by me Hide and seek delirium Where do you think you’ll find me? Hold a little tighter, boy, […]

Alexandra Savior – Bad Disease Lyrics

Bad Disease By Alexandra Savior His jacket calls me with obsidian blade He’s got a knack for spittin’ blood over red lipstick stains I drank the venom from the cobra […]

Alexandra Savior – But You Lyrics

But You By Alexandra Savior Your wilted edge of a lonesome mattress I lay my head there until the feeling passes It’s sinking in just as time relapses I hope […]