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Category: Alkaline

Alkaline – Pretty Girl Team Lyrics

Pretty Girl Team by Alkaline Released : 2017 Genre : Modern Dancehall, Reggae Any ‘pon any gyal, many ‘pon many So we do it when the boss out (boss out) […]

ALKALINE – Extra Lesson Lyrics

Extra Lesson Lyrics by ALKALINE Extra, extra, extra, extra lesson A no everybody got the blessing Some man need lesson Some man need extra lessons Dawg, you breed the fuss […]


Well Well well well Well well well well Spoil you Yellow moon, yellow moon Yea Yea Bounce fi me, bounce fi me nuh Rest yuh standards pan the ground fi […]

Alkaline lyrics


(Chorus) Dem nae waan wi yah Wi cut and come back wid the formula And everybody speechless like Michael Jackson hi nuh When wi a work dem did a laugh […]

Alkaline – Company Lyrics

(Chorus) All mi want right now a just some company Nobody fi stress mi, nobody fi call, call, me Anytime mi horny you can swing the puy paw me Mi […]