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Category: Aly & AJ

EP: Ten Years (2017)

Aly & AJ – Church Lyrics

Church Lyrics by Aly & AJ I do bad things for the sake of good times I don’t, I don’t regret Call me what you will Yeah, I’m in it […]

Good love

Aly & Aj – Good Love Lyrics

Good Love by Aly & Aj Woke up laughing Make it by the door You were on my mind Good love is hard to find Tell me to stay Look […]

Aly & AJ – The Distance Lyrics

The Distance Lyrics by Aly & AJ Released : 2017 Sanity kind of got away from me Calling up should’ve come more easily With the back and the forth Every […]

Aly & AJ – Promises Lyrics

Aly & AJ – Promises Lyrics

Promises by Aly & AJ Released : 2017 Drove this time to your house at night Saw a car, but it sure ain’t mine Must be someone here It’s my […]

Aly & AJ

Aly & AJ – I Know Lyrics

I Know Lyrics by Aly & AJ Released : 2017 It’s a state of mind that’s bringing you down So tell me what will get you out You haven’t left […]

Aly & AJ – Take Me Lyrics

I’ve been spending My attention On you I don’t wait long I got better things To do When you gonna take me out Make a move and make it now […]