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Category: Ama Lou

Ama Lou - Talk Quiet Lyrics

Ama Lou – Talk Quiet Lyrics

Talk Quiet Lyrics – Ama Lou Another day, another dawn And me tryna focus up my, my mind I want it bad We on the green list, you seen this? […]

Ama Lou - Trust Nobody Lyrics

Ama Lou – Trust Nobody Lyrics

Trust Nobody Lyrics – Ama Lou If you find out then please keep it to yourself I can’t find no peace when there’s someone else in here See I don’t […]

Ama Lou – Better Lyrics

Better By Ama Lou Even if you heard me, I wasn’t speaking Tell me that you saw, no, I wasn’t peeking Don’t let my ghost be forsaken I was waiting on y’all to fill […]

Ama Lou – This Town Lyrics

This Town By Ama Lou ‘Cause you were the best thing And I was the best thing in that whole town But I was a mess then, yeah And you were still testing […]

Ama Lou – NORTHSIDE Lyrics

NORTHSIDE By Ama Lou Bruv, that shubz is gonna be intergalactic (Yeah, uh-huh) Did you see me? Do you have keys on? (What you fucking talking ’bout, Willis?) Huh? Do I have keys? You […]

Ama Lou – Far Out Lyrics

Far Out By Ama Lou You ready, Q? Let’s do it Give ’em like two bars, how many you want? Two bars? Yeah, two bars is cool Cool, let’s go It doesn’t seem […]