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Category: Ant Saunders

Ant Saunders – It’s Over Lyrics

It’s Over By Ant Saunders Oh, I hope this day would come The stars have finally aligned I’ve been so far down So down now I’m so high I’m been […]

Ant Saunders – Pedestrian Lyrics

Pedestrian By Ant Saunders Ayy, yeah Ohh, ohh, oh, ahh Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooohhhhh Yea, yea, yea, ooohhh, yea She took my picture with a fujifilm, how boujee still’ […]

Ant Saunders – Yellow Hearts Lyrics

Yellow Hearts By Ant Saunders She put my name with yellow hearts Her favorite color like the stars I didn’t listen very hard When she told me she was crazy […]