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Category: Anth

Anth – Coming Back Lyrics

Coming Back By Anth Saturday night and you’re at home on your own You say you’re lonely I know you’re lonely I know it’s hard when I don’t pick up […]

Anth – One Night Lyrics

One Night By Anth I ain’t ever wanted to waste my time But it’s never wasting time with you You’re the only one that’s been on my mind Tell me […]

Anth – Nobody Else But You Lyrics

Nobody Else But You By Anth I drank too much In my LA apartment So drunk and broken hearted Thinking ’bout you Got me fucked up That last time in […]

Anth – Medicine Lyrics

Medicine by Anth: Medicine Lyrics: Call off the flashing blue lights I’m here for you If you let me in I’ll be your medicine I know the memories beat you black and blue […]