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Category: Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks - Caroline Lyrics

Arlo Parks – Caroline Lyrics

Caroline Lyrics – Arlo Parks I was waiting for the bus one day Watched a fight between an artsy couple escalate Strawberry cheeks flushed with defeated rage Then he spilled […]

Arlo Parks - Green Eyes Lyrics

Arlo Parks – Green Eyes Lyrics

Green Eyes Lyrics – Arlo Parks Summer in my eyelids, eatin’ rice and beans Paintin’ Kaia’s bedroom, think she wanted green But the weather puts you on my mind Dragonfruit […]

Arlo Parks - Hurt Lyrics

Arlo Parks – Hurt Lyrics

Hurt By Toosii Mmm, mmm Mmm, mmm, mmm Charlie drank it, ’til his eyes burned And forgot to eat his lunch Pain was built into his body Heart so soft […]

Arlo Parks – Black Dog Lyrics

Black Dog By Arlo Parks I’d lick the grief right off your lips You do your eyes like Robert Smith Sometimes it seems like you won’t survive this And honestly […]

Arlo Parks – Paperbacks Lyrics

Paperbacks By Arlo Parks Write your name on the back of my record jackets If you upped and ran, I don’t think I could hack it But I’m much more alive when you’re not […]

Arlo Parks - Second Guessing Lyrics

Arlo Parks – Second Guessing Lyrics

Second Guessing by Arlo Parks: Second Guessing Lyrics: Eating Parma violets On the way back from therapy Bleeding out on a velvet couch They’re kinda worried about me Do you remember When you […]