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Category: Barns Courtney

Barns Courtney – Cannonball Lyrics

Cannonball by Barns Courtney Yeah, I’m feeling so down Like my head could touch the ground I’m feeling so sick Of these voices in my head These fingers These fingers […]

Barns Courtney – Babylon Lyrics

Babylon by Barns Courtney This walls are cave [?] You’re paying for your sins Over and then again All within loved at lands That gate through opening You’re melting in […]

Barns Courtney – “99” Lyrics

“99” by Barns Courtney Heartstrung, young and dumb Yeah, we had no fear Way back when we said We’d both be millionaires Now those days are over And we are […]

Barns Courtney – Hollow Lyrics

Hollow By Barns Courtney Usually, it wouldn’t mean shit But you’re alright With eyes like lasers through the mist Burning souls alive With one shut eye untouched By the brighter […]

Barns Courtney – You And I Lyrics

“You And I” Released May 10, 2019 by Barns Courtney [Barns Courtney] Suitcase in your hand Wave goodbye to mom and dad Never thought I would see the back of […]