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Category: Blake Rose

Blake Rose – Rest Of Us Lyrics

Blake Rose – Rest Of Us Lyrics

Rest Of Us By Blake Rose Tonight I found a shadow of me Hiding in a photograph I left on my high school tees They always said nobody makes it […]

Blake Rose – Gone Lyrics

Gone By Blake Rose I’m sitting here cold as ice Swallow my friend’s advice Praying it’ll bring you back to me Designed for radio static and Start hearing your voice […]

Blake Rose – Best of Me Lyrics

Best of Me Lyrics by Blake Rose [Blake Rose] Ever since I was 9 I’ve known all the lies I found out the reason our parents would fight As you […]

Blake Rose – Hotel Room Lyrics

Hotel Room Lyrics by Blake Rose I been, drinkin’ Pouring while the whole world’s spinnin’ Forgettin’ myself ’cause i’m caught up in your selfishness Give me, a sign That I […]