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Category: Brendan Bennett

Brendan Bennett – Sip Slow Lyrics

Sip Slow Lyrics by Brendan Bennett Sun down, I’m already faded She says it’s not entertaining Aren’t you too young to be jaded? Cuz I got lots to celebrate Look- […]

Brendan Bennett – Wasted Time Lyrics

Wasted Time Lyrics by Brendan Bennett I’ve been on the road Thinking bout tomorrow Yeah Why we all alone? Body full of sorrow Yeah Why you acting up Gave you […]

Brendan Bennett – Gangsta Lyrics

Gangsta Lyrics by Brendan Bennett A little liquor makes a difference in an answer A little flower gets you through when you have a bad day Never focus on the […]

Brendan Bennett – Long Year Lyrics

Long Year Lyrics by Brendan Bennett I lost a lot of friends back when Dom popped My first album, first week, swear it all flopped Labels on my line, then […]