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Category: bülow

bülow – Own Me Lyrics

Own Me by bülow Lyrics: Car chase, got the devil on me Can’t see, got nothing but a 20 on me, on me Nothing ever comes for free You can pay what you want […]

bülow - Puppy Love Lyrics

bülow – Puppy Love Lyrics

Puppy Love by bülow Lyrics The underdog gets a bulldog And I don’t feel like one anymore (Yeah) I do a cartwheel in my backyard Don’t know what I did […]

bülow – Upside Down Lyrics

Upside Down by bülow Lyrics: What the f--- you fall in love for? (love for) Couldn’t I have been enough for you? What the f--- you fall in love for? (love for) Couldn’t I […]

bülow – Sundress Lyrics

Sundress by bülow Lyrics Phone rings, don’t stand still ‘Til I hear the tone ring Volume up, I don’t wanna miss a damn thing Last night, I f----- up Hope […]

bülow – Boys Will Be Boys Lyrics

Boys Will Be Boys by bülow I’m going all white to your funeral If you think I’m gonna cry, you’re delusional I’m too alive to contemplate suicide I’m too right, I see you […]

bülow – Wake Up Lyrics

Wake Up Lyrics by bülow Wake up, wake up Wake up, wake up You can’t stay drunk, stay drunk Forever, ever Imma make it rain, rain on your parade I […]

bülow – Euphoria Lyrics

Euphoria Lyrics by bülow Give me a time, your duration Good things, we gotta be patient We’re some perfect equation I-I, I-I, but you don’t know it yet Tell me […]

bülow – FINE Lyrics

FINE Lyrics by bülow Bottled gin and a lock, I’ma tie that s--- up Tie it up, real nice, I won’t let it have my spice Falling back, switching tracks, […]

bülow – Word Smith Lyrics

Word Smith Lyrics by bülow Horse kick no I don’t endorse it, no no no Karma somebody should enforce it, oh oh oh Everybody warned me you’re so manipulatable Naive […]

bülow – Get Stüpid Lyrics

Get Stüpid Lyrics by bülow I’m in a, a sea of people, wonderin’ if the floor might cave in I can feel the subs shakin’ the apa-artment Friends of friends […]

bülow – Sweet Little Lies Lyrics

Sweet Little Lies Lyrics By bülow [bülow] Tell me all your sweet, sweet little lies All about the dark places you hide Tell me all your problems, make them mine […]

bülow – SAD AND BORED Lyrics

SAD AND BORED Lyrics by bülow Locked up for days, I’m up in chains Counting the ways to get out of this basement Self-medicate, I’m going insane Smoke in the […]