Charlotte Sands – Alright Lyrics

Alright Lyrics – Charlotte Sands Maybe I’ll go outside And try to count the trees outside of my apartment Maybe I’ll close my eyes Pretend I’m somewhere else where all

Charlotte Sands – Tantrum Lyrics

Tantrum Lyrics – Charlotte Sands I’m throwin’ a tantrum Comin’ in so chaotic Yeah this an anthem I’mma show you psychotic Keep sayin’ I’m Too much Too much And I’m

Charlotte Sands – Lost Lyrics

Lost Lyrics – Charlotte Sands Sixteen in the suburbs I was falling in love with Any boy that would look at me Hold me under the covers Then he’d leave

Charlotte Sands – Dress Lyrics

Dress Lyrics – Charlotte Sands Oh yeah You’re just my type I’m lying when I’m looking away I’m staring up and down I’m all around Obsessed with your face Oh