Chelsea Jade

Chelsea Jade – Superfan Lyrics

Superfan Lyrics – Chelsea Jade Headstrong, heart weak Taurus with an ego rising I talk a lot of bullshit lately ‘Cause I’m way too proud to really be seen So

Chelsea Jade – Big Spill Lyrics

Big Spill Lyrics – Chelsea Jade You took a big spill When you were leaning out your lane, babe You contradict your appeal And my affection for you wanes, baby

Chelsea Jade – Good Taste Lyrics

Good Taste Lyrics – Chelsea Jade It’s like a miracle Feeling your charisma getting physical And yeah, I’m miserable But oh it’s such a mood getting sad Getting sexual Yeah

Chelsea Jade – Night Swimmer Lyrics

Night Swimmer Lyrics – Chelsea Jade Say that you feel the weight Of the weather now It’s riding on your back Like I’m riding on you now (Say that you


TANTRUM IN DUET Lyrics – CHELSEA JADE Be a bad sport Cause I don’t like the game of ascertaining What you’re mad at me for Yeah, don’t be careful Boy,

Chelsea Jade – Best Behaviour Lyrics

Best Behaviour Lyrics – Chelsea Jade We got a message here for George Come back, [?] through, [?], Chelsea Jade Come to the speaker room, please Only angelic when I’m

Chelsea Jade – Optimist Lyrics

Optimist Lyrics – Chelsea Jade When you paint me in recline Render me faint Like my good side’s just facing a bad light ‘Til you were a sunset Going down