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Category: Chromatics

Chromatics – TOY Lyrics

TOY By Chromatics Don’t Close My Eyes I Don’t Want To Dream Don’t Want To See Your Face In My Nightmares Don’t Close The Door I Don’t Want To Feel […]

Chromatics – Touch Red Lyrics

I see the clear waves in my dreams At night you’re laying next to me My fingers running through your hair Back entries in your diary Touch red You’re old as ice Touch blue […]

Chromatics – Move a Mountain Lyrics

I can rest again now that the sky is grey It hasn’t rained here since May I tried to move a mountain I’m waiting for it to fall I’m staring out the window Waiting […]

Chromatics – Light As a Feather Lyrics

Stray light, flicker just for me Wake up, falling in a dream I hear a voice She whispers secrets from the death (I’m light as a feather) Stray light, flicker just for me (Nothing […]

Chromatics – Twist The Knife Lyrics

You could teach me to be cruel Like the way they torture you Teach me to be cruel Like the way they torture you It’s alright Twist the knife It’s alright Twist the knife […]

Chromatics – Closer To Grey Lyrics

Summer skin Faded now Rhythm blocks the lights out In a dream Fever breaks Reaching for the water You say the world is raining colors I see you standing close to grey You say […]